People and Places: A Random Intermission


This is a bit of a tangent post to show some things that don't really have their own bloggable stories and/or are just randomness that should be seen.

Just to shake things up a bit.

This was the final dinner of Frosh Week; people, loud music, paparazzi, etc.

Andrew is not a fan of the paparazzi. 

*Very* loud music, more spontaneous clubbing etc.

See Shell, totes pictures of you.

DFrosh were a bit whacky all the time that night.

Mary and Andrew try to be serious and sexy.

Too bad they're both too silly.

Really no.





Go to creepy-arse mysterious, pitch black, rapey, trippy, dangerous midnight forest party?


I know it was on my list.


Let's check this out before bed so we're not that socially inept.


Starting down past the gym, so we go through the rose garden...

Through muddy, dark soccer field, down a steep path, over a fallen tree, into the woods... (seriously)

"...if you go into the woods today..."


Climb across creepy overgrown bridge over fence that has obviously been specifically placed to keep moronic drunk college students from trampling the forest.

Follow a creepy narrow, rooty and rocky forest path, successfully trampling forest, right next to the rushing river for about 20 minutes, with only sporadic glow sticks to light the way...

Here we go: party. 

There was no light, no music, and lots of people trying to get drunk with creepy expensive beer as quickly as possible.


"Yay, party! Okay, let's go." 

Just a little bit treacherous.

Necessary precautions.

When I say there was no light, I literally mean there was no gorram light. I actually kept taking photos every few seconds so the flash would light up what was a foot in front of us. 

Relative safety. Thank f for that.


A random pub night.

In which people met other people and Mary had a fun story to tell everyone after (four vodka shots, two beers and outrage).

More Shell!

This is Colleen and Kaisa. Hi.

Situation normal for Andrew.

Andrew explaining things. Andrew likes to explain things. And ask things.

There was a v similar pic with you guys smiling but I liked this one better.

Hi James.


Shiny prices. Go Canada. You rock. 

Nice death glare, Lis.

Change camera settings. Here we go.

Time to go.

Nice shirt.


The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) where we saw only the third showing ever of Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing. 

Everyone showed up for the first two screenings, and due to unfortunate circumstances (me being a moron) we didn't get to be out the front and see them, but, y'know, that's okay! My heart will heal! I'll stop being bitter one day! We saw the damn movie! Which no one else will get to see for a good while! And it was amazing! 

Except I forgot to warn Lis they were speaking actual Shakespeare; word for word from the play, but all good. 

Anyway, onward: into the beautiful Elgin Theatre on Yonge. 

Go camera zoom. You rock.
That's all for tonight, soon!

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  1. As if their drinks are that cheap. Fuck you Australia.
    Also, I'm reading this at 9pm, and really feel like going out and drinking now. Gorram. I WANNA PARTAY.
    Beautiful theatre is beautiful!

    You sound like you're having the bestest time ever! So jealous of your fun :D These pictures are great too, loving it!