A Wander.

Just a little post to show you a bit more of the Glendon grounds, and what a Canadian forest looks like. This is kinda odd, but I always wondered what kind of greenery actually made up the bulk of foreign forests, because the Australian bush is just so thoroughly, y'know...


One morning I decided to go for a walk by myself because of complicated gym things and misunderstandings, but it turned out quite shinily with a 2+ hr hike through Glendon forest. I went off the beaten track a bit; turned left instead of right at the fork (watch out, we got a badass over here), went over boulders, around fallen trees, jumping over streams, crossed a rushing river bounding from rock to rock, climbed gullies, traversed puddles you get the idea. 

Now I forgot to bring my camera (note to self: never go out without him. You never know) so these are comparatively pretty damn shitty iphone photos, but it's the thought that counts. 

Forest trail.

Autumn! Winter is coming.

Gullies and steep things to climb.

Trying to savour the sunlight while it still exists. 

River! Very full, even at the end of Summer. Water shortages aren't a thing here.

Where a whole lot of stupid college students did exactly the opposite of what the sign says.

Shit just got real. 

Glendon wetlands.

Oh hai, blue skies. Please don't leave me D8 

Back around the loop to the gym. 

At time of writing, weather just took a turn and is now officially...quite cool. It's obviously not going to get any warmer than this for, y'know, 6 months or so.

Bring it, Winter.


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  1. Is so pretty. Looks very... Stargate planets ;D