Holiday Season: Commence! (Part II)




So the night before after lots of shiny, including fireworks, downtown, and cake, the Sunday saw us getting up at ungodly hours (the morning) in order to go do more Toronto Christmas things.

Ugh, no, go awaaaaay.

This is Lis's "Yes, I'm so excited to be here!" face. It's okay, she loves me.

So on this very special day was apparently Toronto's special annual Christmas Parade. We knew it was basically for little kids but it sounded like a big thing we needed to see and being a little kid sometimes is cool, okay?

Seemed we were right about it being a big thing; evidently every small child in Ontario had decided to rock up. 

So we got there a little early, and found a good place to watch up some stairs in front of a Second Cup. So I may or may not have used the time to use my camera's excellent zoom to take mildly stalky photos of all the adorable people around.

Haha, sucker dog.

But it's so cuuuute.


So you can't see the front but the little dude's wearing A FLUFFY KOALA HAT. 


The parade is starting! Hurrah! The entire thing lasts well over 3 hours, down nearly 10km of downtown Toronto streets. Thanks to our lovely local guide Brandon, who knows these kinds of things, we were stationed near the start so we didn't have to wait an extra hour for it to all get down the end.  We only stayed about 45 mins, because once you've seen a few things, you've seen it all, but it was all very festive. 

Letters to Santa!

Walking bands!

Terrified children!

Happy families!

Magic tricks!

Absolutely terrifying vehicles!

Pretty horsies!

Creepy-ass flamingos! 

Vital companions! 

Poor clowns whose sole job was to ensure these kids didn't crash. They failed. It was very funny.


Barbie floats!

This video's a bit long, but hopefully you can get the general idea and atmosphere.

After we'd had our Christmassy Parade fill, we had to find a subway station on the right side of the road...

Photo with a Mountie? Check. 

We walked for about 20 minutes down the parade and we basically followed the Barbie float the entire time. 

Royal Ontario Museum!


So this is Museum subway station - VERY AWESOME.

By the time we finished lunch, the crowds had left, leaving behind messy, chaotic streets in their wake, like a huge riot had just taken place. Well really, what bigger riot is there other than one involving Christmas and thousands of children? 

Coolest. Dog. Ever.

So, the Holiday Season has officially started! Start shopping, hoarding food, wrapping up warmly and investing in Starbucks Holiday Flavours because it's gonna get wild. 


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