Le Big Apple.


I suppose it's about time we get started.

Probably a good idea to post something before next year, too, ahehehehe.

So, just a bit of an introduction to get everything underway.

My dear readers, from all around the world, I have indeed left Toronto, as I hope you all know, and am now on my long-awaited holiday: 3 weeks in NYC, and a week in Las Vegas and Los Angeles each.

A week into that stint in New York, and I'm a bit behind with this blogging thing, but hey, it's just like old times.

Let's go.

(pretend there is a shiny NYC gif here. Gifs temporarily out of service due to internet being a jerk. Moving right along).

Firstly, and most importantly, I need to introduce you to my two steadfast companions. They have travelled from afar to join me in my quest to basically eat, shop and roller-coaster my way across the United States of 'Murica. 

This is Lizzie. She's cool. 

This is Ellie. She's special.

Next, our NYC home - 

Our street.
Courtyard thingy on our street.

Our lovely front door. Also on our street.

We love it, in sunshine - 

Or in rain buckets of snow - 

That horrible wet, sludgey, sticky stuff. BUT I LOVE IT. PLEASE DO IT MORE, NYC.

S**t just got real.

Our lovely apartment -

Emergency Christmas things.

Bear settling in.

The subway.


Just a quick tour, folks. 

Soon: Guggenheim, Natural History Museum, Chelsea, SoHo, Chinatown, Times Square etc.... (plus all the things I've bought. And ice cream). 


And, as it is December 31, currently at 8.05pm in one of most laggardly hemispheres of the world, happy new year everyone. It was a pretty damn good one for me. I lugged my butt to far corners of the earth, made Toronto my home, became acquainted with the Québécois accent, learned to tell people to bugger off in pretty much every language you could throw at me, found the best people from all places in the world, found Burberry Body really is my thing, and ate lots of poutine.

Et pour ma famille à Toronto, comme toujours, vous me manquez...

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