Leaving/Photos From Last Night.

Am currently sitting in Terminal 3 at Lester Pearson, waiting for my flight to New York City.


Had a bizarre night in my once again stark, bare little room, which I said goodbye to, because I'll never see it again, and sadness. All at completely insane hours - taxi at 4.30am, flight at 7; got a couple of hours sleep (but woke up three times, so benefit very much in question) on my bed without any linen, awkwardly covered by my coat.


Toronto was upset at me leaving - all windy and waily and gross. Except, when I woke up - white! All white! Just for me! Finally! I get to see you all pretty and sparkly-like just once, you cheeky city, you. I know you'll miss me. You don't have to hide it.

D'awww. You shouldn't have. 

So, a good hour and a half and an extremely chaotic and costly (bag revoltingly overweight, how, how, plus lost some toiletries, grr), but mishap-free journey through about the 10 stations of US customs, here I am. 

So before I introduce you to my Australian companions and start blogging about all of the American things, there are several last posts I have to get through from back in O Canada. Which is gonna be awkward, but if you work with me, it's gonna be okay. It's gonna be proof I actually did things the last couple of weeks, instead of just moping around because everyone left me (though moping sure as hell did factor into it as well).

So, let's go. 

For those of you who didn't know, throughout this semester at Glendon, I employed my angelic singing skills and joined the Glendon choir! Hurrah! Not a big group of people, but singing is always okay, so all good. 

We performed at Glendon's Remembrance Day ceremony (OoooCaaanadaaa) and there was a little Christmas concert which involved some bilingual and Jewish and Indigenous songs. Political correctness! Yeah!

Elisa became the new paparazzi. 

My enraptured audience. 

James singing. Please stop. Please. 

Camille and Christmas Cheer.

Then we wiled away our sorrow of Maz leaving us at Kaidam's. That's kind of the extent of my knowledge. There was hot Ikea juice and Finnish vodka and Australian wine and liquid cocaine and cranberry somethings and I don't know. 

Elisa wasn't quite so far gone, and tells me things happened, but we're just gonna have to take her word for it.

Christmas at Kaidam's! Kaisa made gingerbread. Nomnomnom. (don't tell Mary)

Finnish things: blue cheese on gingerbread. It works. I don't know how. Don't ask complicated questions.

More Finnish things around.



Okay, from this point on I don't remember things.

Chihiro! Hai. 

The evidence.

Kaidam! Ready go out inflict our presence on 

This is Nico and Elli. Hai.

Already very far gone.

Kaisa gets sillier. 

Because Adam is evidently the devil. 

These aren't embarrassing at all. 


Elisa prolly wishing she was still the paparazzi for the evening.

Stop it.

Stop it.

This is the last really bad one, I swear.

No bueno.


Cranberry things.

Liquid Cocaine. 

Kaisa gets both sillier and chattier, with a heavier accent...

...and even more and more so.

This'd make a good album cover or something.

This not so much.

I swear Lis was more sober. Really....yes. 

Nooooo stoooppp ittttt DX DX 

I just want to point out that it was this part of the night where we started playing pool. After a bit of a wonky start, I annihilated everyone. Sunk the 8 ball, all by myself, completely off my face, earning a reverent handshake of concession from Adam and co. Achievement of epic proportions.

Moving on - 
Operation breakfast time at 4am!

Blurry street is blurry.


Maturity prevails.

Santa in one ear and out the other.


Thanks for coming along...until next time...

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