Royal Ontario Museum

Another day in NYC, another last Toronto post to get through. This time: the Royal Ontario Museum, which is all shiny natural history with rocks, and eskimos, and ancient Romans, and Chinese, and dinosaurs. 

Quick, quick, let's go. 



Note: This is post-Mary, pre- post-Elisa times. It's an official thing.

The Royal Ontario Museum! Oh hai.


Fancy intersection!


Giant totem pole in the stairwell going up 3 stories.

Also: Dorna. Excellent.

Venus de - oh no, wait..

All of the fancy Canadian things.

Painting of downtown Toronto from the island a couple hundred years ago. 
Famous Canadian painting. 1812 things I think. Someone dying. All dramatic and things.

Wonderful paintings from a bloke who followed native Indians around.


Painting of Niagara Falls in the 1800s. Ooooh.

Realisation: ships were the boys' toys of the 1700. The bigger, the, y'know, better.

More things.


Main hall.

Chinese things.


*in Chinese.

Pot + Dorna.

Violence against horses: Australia says no.

China's earliest currency.


Also the room of obese rocks.

Rose rock or something. Either way, awesome.

Rocks my mother's style. 

Girls' best friend.

Some kind of mineral that's rarer that diamonds - this is the biggest in le world. Stick a chain through that thing, I'll have it. Thanks.

WHOA. That was some shift in imagery gears just then. We're now in the real life section. WITH REAL ANTS. 

Dodo bird skeleton! Kind of half forgot they were actually real creatures once. 

Break station for 5 year olds Dorna.

Bats are absolutely f***ing ugly. Like, really really ugly. Bastards.

A distinct lack of emus in the big bird exhibit. Step up your game, Canada. 

Edit: When I posted this blog on Twitter I must've mentioned the Ontario Museum, because a few days later I got a reply back saying they'd promise to get on the emu situation. I'll be back to check...

IT'S A REAL MUMMY. I wonder what this bloke would've thought if he knew his withered corpse would be put on show for thousands for randoms in thousands of years. 

The egyptians also mummified important animals (cats) and pets - it was a v noble thing to do. Here: crocodile, antelope. 

I hope you enjoyed your brief, yet in-depth and insightful and shiny history lesson. 

We're nearly up to date again. Extra, extra shiny things soon :D


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