The Mexican States of Canstralia: The Last Stand.

There isn't really much to say in this blog - not in irritating words, anyway. This is basically just Mary's last night here, and we went out for a drink. My job as paparazzi in full effect, of course, as always. 

This is a lot of photos. Mainly of Andrew's face. And sad things at the end.


Good job.

But first, you should totally listen to this while you peruse. 

The entire evening can possibly be summed up with the first image:


"My body is ready." 


Was going to say am not sure what Andrew was trying to do here, but am pretty sure no one knows what Andrew is trying to do anywhere. 


The dearly departed.

Elisa is not impressed with Andrew's girly bogan drink. In other news: Vodka, Kahlua and Baileys martini, YISSS.

Xmas lights.

Perfecting the Burberry look.

Camera doing interesting camera things.

Best photo of the night.

Besides this one.

Last photo things.


Me impersonating Mary's face, and Mary being rather unsure about it.

My three.

Until later.



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