Things have been very seriously backed up because the last couple of weeks have been filled with me memorising orals and writing disgustingly long research essays and all nighters and rendering myself nocturnal. Busy, fun times. 

But, as posted earlier, am free, so there'll now be lots of regular posts about stuff that has already come to pass. Let's go, eh?

So one night recently we went out to see The Who. Their final world tour. It was pretty exceptionally shiny. 

Rock it.

Concert was at the Air Canada Centre, which is kinda the same size as the Rod Laver, except the rectangle at the bottom is for ice hockey, not tennis. Except no hockey happening, so concert instead! 

This is down the very centre end of Downtown Toronto right by the lake, which means it's all fancy and difficult to find a meal less than $20. Hey, it's like being in Australia again. Yay. I'm really gonna be screwed when I go home, arg. 

We found this place. I don't know what it was exactly, but we didn't eat here because too expensive and too many people. But pretty. So photos. 

Think I've yet to see a normal Christmas tree around here. Which is fine by me. 

Air Canada Centre just there - lots of people hawking last minute tickets out the front, which was surprising. Thought that was illegal. Anyway.

Where the fancy people live down by the lake. 

Necessary pre-concert coffee. 

Upstairs: all the snacks one could ever want!!

Heeeere we go!


Support acts are kinda like the lotto. Most of the time you lose, and they suck.

However, sometimes they get a standing ovation.

This is Vintage Trouble, and they are fantastic.

Our seats, no zoom. 

Our seats, all the zoom. Go little camera, go! 

Here is my new favourite song from them, but all the others are just as good -


Featuring two of the original band members, lead singer Roger Daltrey and the absolute BAMF lead-guitarist-pretending-to-look-like-your-granddad, Pete Townsend. 



More camera zoomy things. These are the people right down the front - was surprised to find all the standing bit was filled with rows of seats, before realised the vast majority of the audience were also probably grandparents and we were the youngest there by at least 20 years. 

I don't really know a lot of their songs, besides the obvious ones, most of which were played at the end. But it was still amazing - just musically - arg. FM, why can't you be a cool old man and be like this. Come on. 

So because they're so musically great and don't just churn out pop songs, they played a good handful of just instrumental 15-minute long extravaganzas; one was set to a magnificent montage of all the massive things throughout the 20th century and beyond (thus the Beatles behind there) and by the end, with imagery of billowing smoke, dust and debris surging through the streets of New York City, it was seriously emotional.

Imagine being a band, living through all of that, being a creative outlet for millions of people through all of that, and this is one of the last times you get to be on stage and ugh.

So, so cool.

They also had brilliant tributes to the two original band members no longer around - first to the bassist here, John Entwistle. The youngin' drummer played along to a video of him doing his....holy shit. I had no idea you could even do that with a bass guitar. Just wow. Wooooow.

A bit of British pride in the audience.

Second tribute - to the drummer, Keith Moon, who I think represented the epitome of what it is to be a rock star. All the way down to his BAMF death in '78 from a drug overdose - that happened due to him being a stubbon arse, with drugs that treated alcohol addiction. Yup.

Another important point of the evening -



Love people who can make fun of their own shortness. "YES I KNOW I'M SHORT. I'M NOT STANDING NEXT TO YOU TALL BASTARDS, I'M GOING IN THE MIDDLE." 

At the end, everyone left the stage, except these two.
Townsend swapped his BAMF guitar for this accoustic, and they just did one last song, which about endings and having one last cup of tea. I was okay, until Daltrey actually got out an actual gorram cup of tea and a;sldkfja;lskdf


Now you too can see the Who play live. You're welcome.

After, we went out for a bottle of wine. All of the good things.

Laters, poppets. 


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