NYC - Ellie's 21st Edition

One of the main points of interesting during New York - Ellie's birthday. And not just any birthday: her 21st. Which means she is finally an adult everywhere in the world! She can do anything! Conquer anything! Be anything! Including continuing to watch 4 seasons of a TV show in a week! It's a good life.

BUT: in the US of A, Land of Logic and Sensibleness, where once can vote, drive and go to war as a teenager, but cannot buy a beer, she was finally old enough to drink! 


There was a good little diner across the road from us, to which people travel quite a ways just to have their excellent food. 

They also have an entire section on the menu just for waffles.


That afternoon: a matinée showing of the Lion King on Broadway, a gift from Ellie's aunt. Thank you again, ma'am.

Right in Times Square.

Sneaky shot. 

The Lion King had phenomenal puppets and choreography, taking the Disney film to something special.

Next: Starbucks break at Grand Central Station's Lexington walk


The subway, Times Square Station.

One of my favourite things about New York - always, always incredible music everywhere with amazing buskers in the subway system. I'm talking full on bands set up while you're rushing to your next train.

We found a great restaurant where we could indulge in inaugural birthday champagne, melty onion soup, silencing duck and a burger with which Lizzie wanted to start intimate relations.

After, a bar/lounge place near home with atmospheric lights and a giant, inexplicable fish tank. Because why not.

Ever find yourself in a nice bar, with nice drinks, but still a little bored? Stuck with listening to funny music and just talking to people? Behold, the solution: BAR WITH GAMES. Cards, Scattegories, Scrabble, Taboo, we were set.

Very competitive tipsy Spit.

Birthday girl!

Hope you had a great day El (it was, I was there) and I love you muchly.

No, really....

Until next time...

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