NYC - The Met Edition


A very special edition of the NYC this time around.

Today we're going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, home of the scenes of various books, a handful of movies and the vast majority of my hopes and dreams.

It's a bit of an alright.


Another beautiful day (but no snow), where it's cold, but not too much so, but a bit deceiving; it doesn't feel too cold but stay outside for a while and it sure as hell is.

Anyway, who cares about the bloody weather, because Met. 

As you may remember, out the front: CONSTRUCTION! And I thought dear ol' Toronto was always under construction. HAHAHAHA. 

It's okay though, because my magical photographic skills make it look like there are no giant walls and scaffolding right next to us. 

I read online what they're building: sounds amazing actually; a new outside courtyard with trees and hedges and new night lighting. 

But for now:


Inside: they give you a 'recommended' entrance fee. They actually ask you, 'is this okay?' with an air of if you say now I wanna pay 5 bucks, it's a bit of a dick move. Actually, a lot of a dick move. 

Museums go a lot in my favour when you can take photos. No flash photography, obviously, but taking sneaky shots through your pocket is really damn annoying.

I loved this one - part of a set - 
- the elements - water, fire, earth, air.
But these guys were my favourite. They have a history, look at them (besides how they were made by the same artist).

Like, "hey gurl hey". 

"Omg, stop looking at me like that!"

A visit to the museum is obviously incomplete without intricate statue backstories.

Moving right along.

Look! A pointy thing like the one in DC out the window!

Next section: modern art. 

Uh oh.
One of those wondrous paintings pretending to be a photograph but is actually a painting. HOW.

It is literally a rhombus, painted blue. This is what that is. Some bull about defying the expectations of art by having a non-square canvas. Whatever, there's abstract stuff at MoMA from the 50s that has like a star-shaped canvas. You lose, blue rhombus. 
Oooh. (I don't know)
Look! Dots!

Lunch break!

Amazing chess board. You can't see the detail very well.

Fun fact: here is where I work out I actually have no idea how to work macro on my camera!

And here's the 1700s France section. They're literally taken rooms from palaces, and inserted them into the Met.

Whoosh! To the medieval section!

The exhibit is even set out in a 13th century-style church place.

Toddler Jesus and his rosy, rosy cheeks. (We found Jesus to be a rough theme in medieval art). 

Down to an amazing hall - 

And the angels sing.
Or maybe just this one.


Knight in shining armour.


Amour for Ser Booty. 

Looking around, "look, it's armour for some a bit tubby!" Turns out it's Henry VIII's armour. Ooops. 

Like most things, we completely underestimated how big the bloody thing was. Barely did a third of it. Hopefully we'll go back before we leave. 

But - we had one more important stop before we went back home.

The Met is on the Upper West Side, which means one thing: LADURÉE. 

Madison Avenue. Again.

Poor us.
Flavours this time 'round: blackberry and violet (whaaat), chocolate mousse (a;lkfjd), lemon and lime (haww) and orange blossom (Actual foodgasm. There's nothing more to say on the topic). 

At this juncture I'd like to make a shout out to the Glendon College cafeteria, with a request that it can officially go f*** itself.

SO: an accurate representation of that excellent day: 

Thank you, and good night!

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