NYC - Museum of Natural History Edition


Guess who.

It's me!


Now we've got that out of the way, let me take you on a little tour of an adventure we had very early on in our trip - to the American Museum of Natural History.

For us, it was just down the road. Again! Oh NYC, how I love you.

Let's go.

Intense, yet accurate.

So, the road we had to walk down: 

Why not me.


Okay, here we go. Museums, by definition are in the biggest, most beautiful buildings around.


Here's the front entrance. Yes, this is where Night at the Museum is set. BOUNCING REQUIRED.

Inside: here be dinosaurs.

So, like in the movie, it is very much full of big rooms with different sections of the world, with glass cages of real taxidermied animals in real life postions with lovely realistic background paintings behind.
These ones don't come to life though.

...or do they?

Back to photos!

In our most impulse purchase yet, we bought a ticket to...something we weren't at all sure of, when we got our admission passes.

There was a deep sea one, a tiger one or something, but I naturally just picked the outer space one.

Turned out there's a massive planetarium in the middle of the damn museum, and you sit and have Whoopi Goldberg speak to you about the origins of the universe while you whizz from nebula to red dwarf.


More halls, with more standard fare museum things - 

People in 1850: "Let's cut down this 1300 year old tree. Seems legit."

Origami tree.

Not your usual museum fare: giant whale.


All the sea creatures.

More derp. Tired by this point.


It's a bloody giant picked lobster. Dammit, Museum. No bueno.

None of that matters though, primarily because DINOSAURS!

T-Rex can't win, even in its own Museum.
Sorry, mate.


Plus other prehistoric dead things:

The growth of a triceratops. 

Note to prehistoric self: stay out of the water.

And out again:

Marvellous quotes from Robin Williams Theodore Roosevelt, just like the movie.

Lizzie + dino.


Getting darker and colder in NYC.

The Shake Shack: on the to-do list.

Walk back home.

Home, sweet 72nd St station home.

As always, thank you, and until next time...

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