Santa Monica Dream

We're in LA, wondrous reader! 


It's a bit of a hole.

A very large one, in fact.

Some of it is filled with tar, other bits wax figures, but today I'm going to show you what must be by far the loveliest part of the entire, unfortunate hole: Santa Monica beach. 

We, as savvy travellers, looked up the weather on the Google machine, and so knew that it'd be a good idea to go do the outside beachy things on the first day we were there.

And oh, what a fine decision that was! 

Though I was still very un-used to sunshine, and blue skies, and not wearing multiple layers of winter things whenever nearing outside air, the whole experience was pretty damn enjoyable, nigh at times magical.

Before we get to the pretty pictures, because enough with the words dammit, a fun fact to be aware of is that I drove in Los Angeles.

With the not having driven for 5 months, and the other side of the road, and the new different car, and the LA crazy. Example: after 20 minutes of hesitant, experimental, tense driving from LAX, there was a sudden confrontation with not having a green arrow and having to do that awkward and very illegal-feeling sitting in the middle of the road.

Except how that road was Hollywood Boulevard. 

 But I did it. It was a team effort. We're very proud. It all went something like this - 

Ellie's the one on the right. 


BAM. Beautiful day. 

Not a huge amount to say in between all these photos - not much was spoken during that day anyway, more just sun soaking and relaxing. Which is good, because all those words up there were getting to be a bit too much, am I right. 

Beach volleyball court for all the fancy pretty people.

Our beachside view.

Apparently that pretty mistiness is smog, because LA, but meh. 

Santa Monica pier in the distance. 

Ellie emanating a small child. 

We brought out swimmers, but the water was way too bloody freezing. 

The pier has an amusement pack on the end of it. Why not, LA. 

Kite things.
Goofy things.

There was a whole length of mini sand cliff things, just waiting to be jumped on.

Baywatch moment. 

Rest time.

Time for a get up and walk around.

So Santa Monica beach is famous for its pier, its pretty people, and its beach side exercise equipment. Usually featuring the pretty people ON the exercise equipment.

Proper swingsets. Yes. 

Beachside chess tables. Pretty intense. 

Lunch on the pier. Debates over the difference between carousels and merry-go-rounds.

Decided to hire bikes to see everything properly. They had a fantastic bike path along the beach. Rode all the way to Venice Beach. I hadn't been on a bike in at least 8 years, so that was interesting, especially in a dress. 

Bike problems. And by 'problems' I mean everything became dislodged and it didn't work and everyone (except me) got covered in grease. 

Exploring the pier a bit more.

Apparently this is where route 66 ends; pretty amazing, you learn something every day.

Didn't go in because didn't want to spoil Disneyland. 

Thank you, and good night. 

May your sunny days be filled with people you love at places like this.

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