Take A Walk

This is the sultry sound of me settling down. Back home. In my forest. With my dog. And my bed. And my food. That I make. With actual food. Take a leaf out of my book, North America. Lookin' at you, Glendon caf. 

I'd like to give you a quick look around my forest, especially those in far off places who wanted to see my home. As well as Australia's weird trees, which, for the record, aren't weird, but are in fact, awesome, Michelle. 

Come see for yourself.

We'll start from Home. 

Front steps. 

Driveway. Plus car, which has since been written off, RIP car. But not really, because it's one my mother got while I was away so bleh. 

View from the driveway. See: mountain. 

The neighbours' chestnut trees. 

Oh hai.

A rather irritable neighbour. I think he's got issues because he's so stumpy hahahaha stupid stumpy dog. 

So down the end of my street, we're turning left where a short walk leads us to Sassafras village.

My house is behind up there a bit. Went up that way once. Tried to be sneaky. Got weird looks from the neighbours and let's just say I'm not a born sleuth. 


Impressive trees.

So Sassafras is basically a little tourist place up in these hills, famous for scones, tea, puppets and soap. Probably in that order.

This is packed on the weekend.

Anyway, turn around and onward ho - past the bottom of my street and around the bend and up the other way. There's this little green dell bit the path goes through obscured from the road, which I've always liked. 

I'm gonna take you through Sherbrooke Forest, right here, see the trees: 

Yes I know there are many trees, the tall straight ones. 

But first across the road: surprise stables! 

"If you go into the woods today..."

Easy walks are always shiny. Especially for first timers like you.

Vegetation seems to be going well.

So these tall straight trees are called Mountain Ash - they're only found here and a couple other places in the world, and I think they're brilliant.

That's all, folks - look at you all walked and relaxed and educated. All in one post.


Things Since I've Been Back.

Today you get the special deal: two posts for the price of one! Lucky reader.

It's been almost 3 months. Everything's gone back to normal, really. After recovering from a very bizarre and mildly severe bout of reverse culture shock (was everyone's Australian accents always so bogan?!) it's almost like I didn't even go anywhere. Apparently this is a common feeling, but that doesn't make it less strange, unexpected, and, well, shitty. I accomplished things, dammit! And though I have copious amounts of photographic evidence and this  blog with all my ridiculous narrations and close up shots of pretty much every second and everyone's face (not even sorry), I sometimes have to jog my own memory and recall the amazing things I've done and the people I've met.

So, in summary:

Since I have returned, it's been the end of the Australian summer, which means 

Beach things,

Friend things,

Arguments with giant inflatable rubber ducks

as well as various other miscellaneous...things.

It hasn't been so bad.

But really, the worst thing since I've been back is how much I've missed everyone, who is now ohsovery far away. Didn't expect that. Not quite so strongly. Andrew's hugs and Mazza's Mary-isms and Elisa's bubbly cackle and Michelle's drinking companionship and Brandon and Dorna's fun everything and Abby's timtam-consuming lovely self and Kaidam's kind adorableness and Melissa's crazyawesome life and my C House and my neighbours and my little room and ugh. It's like leaving high school again, knowing you'll not see people again, or not for a very long time, but worse. 


Well! Not really sure what to write about from here on out. Suggestions? Hints? Demands? Let me know.

Pretty sure I'm going to China for a little bit in June (dammit, travel bug), so worst comes to worst, I'll catch you then.

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  1. Excellent country-side is excellent :)
    Also, your friends are very glad to have you back all to ourselves, though of course it would be an awesome thing if we could somehow get everyone here to Oz and have A WILD PARTY WITH EVERYONE IN THE ONE PLACE.
    Suggestions? I think any interesting place you go- this is a travel blog, but that could just mean places you travel around your home that are different or interesting or fun. (though I'm not sure travelling to my house for wine and BSG counts, so maybe don't take photos of that)
    P.S: That duck photo needs to be your profile pic on everything. Right now. It's brilliant!