China - A Taste of Hangzhou Edition

Bonjour à tous. 

It's a short one today.

Yes I know, pick your jaw up off the floor. 

Welcome to Hangzhou. Another tiny town of about 2.5 million: it's our last city to explore, only two more companies to visit, and it's a rather lovely place, actually. Maybe that's just because it came after Yiwu? You can decide for yourself.

In either case, fancy hotel things.

Jen and I had an unspoken agreement that I'd always have the window side bed. (It's possible that agreement consisted only of me always happening to be in the room first and choosing the bed by the window.)


We were clearly in the super fancy bit of Hangzhou (trees and a Maserati dealer next door tends to be a sign), but I never expected this beautiful-tree-archway-over-wide-boulevard kind of look in China, anywhere.

2 and 3 person bikes for hire! Ah, a disaster waiting to happen. Let's not.

Still achingly humid, still ignoring that and going out.

Some confusing dinner things, as the restaurant we wanted to go to was too busy, so we looked around.

Actually I made them all go for a walk because I saw water across the road.

Turns out Hangzhou is famous for its like - West Lake. 

Fun fact: it took me a while to realise the lake is actually called West Lake. I thought it was just the lake that's on the west side and was like, but what is the name of the lake.

Who cares, because extremely pretty and peaceful.

Aw China, you shouldn't have. 

In China, even the fountains are competitive and don't do the usual fountainy thing.

Wanted to go on a little boat, but light fading and no time.

Around here it's hot, humid, busy and energetic, but with that distinct blissed out vibe one only gets at dusk as people start to wind down.

Necessary tiny gift shop with ice cream.

Mixing it up: Japanese for dinner.

So that was simply our first night in Hangzhou; as you can imagine, they're some of my favourite photos from the trip, and it's nice for them to have their own little post before we get into the longer and more businessy adventures to come.

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