Shaken and Stirred: A Bond Poker Night

Deck yourself out in a glitzy gown or a dapper tux, pop yourself into an Aston Martin and an olive in your martini and come along for the classiest night to ever class its classy ass. 

Armed with fancy glasses, fancy drinks, fancy cards and fancy snags, we set in for a night of inventing creative mixes of various alcohols and practising our poker faces. 

Read it and weep.

Me, I learned that Blue Curacao and Cointreau together is delicious, and that I am quite terrible at poker - namely I fall into what I now call the "Scrabble" trap - thinking you have tiles/cards when you don't, also known as, "HAHAHAHA YES I HAVE A FLUSH oh wait no I don't have a ten or a queen what the frak tallulah". 

There was also a classy playlist which you can find here and use for your future Bond Poker Night needs. 

So, -turns up some Shirley Bassey-...allons-y... 

 Extra-fancy expert mixer Livvy. 

Holla Blue Curacao. 

All in. 

My cards are For My Eyes Only.


Resident Bond Girl.
The Man with the Golden Cards.

Live and Let Drink.

Quantum of Snacks. 

One drink is not enough.

Fun fact: if all the Bonds from Connery to Craig had a child together, this is what he would look like:

You're welcome.

Friends are Forever oh yes I went there


Genderswap boyfriend cosplay. 

Until next t- 


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