Bali - Island Hopping Edition

It's our last day in Bali, and what a spectacular one it is! We hopped on a boat that took us to magical places around the Balinese Islands - and luckily for us it was the most perfect weather possible.

You may notice one less in our party - this is because Gale wished to spend the last day indulging in more the relaxing side of things, not out scampering around islands like crazy kids. We returned to find her sufficiently pommelled and relaxed, so happiness all 'round.

But who cares about words, when there are photos of ridiculously picturesque Balinese beaches to be seen?

That's what I thought. 

Got a free pick up from our villa, and decked ourselves out in sunscreen while we waited for out boat to get its gear together - we also got a free sea sickness pill, which was an interesting addition. 

Our ride.

Just a random ship hanging out. 

Go team!

Our lovely guide. 

The first leg of our journey was about a 45 minute high-speed trip though the southern tip of Bali - was too loud to talk so it was just a matter of sitting back, riding the waves and watching all the life doing its thing on and over the water. 

Islands found!

Can we stay here?

Found more homeboys. 

We had lunch in the water next to a little village we took a visit to.

Urge to dive in: extreme.

Our guide is a local; he told us all about the village and its trade in seaweed, which is exported and used in cosmetics. As you could probably guess, the trickle down economy does not work in these guys' favour. 

It's grown along lines set out in the water, then harvested and dried out for three days in the sun, bagged and taken away by a boat that drops by once a week. 

We moved onto our next snorkelling location. This was pretty exciting, since I hadn't been snorkelling since I was growing up in Perth like 17 years ago. I had to kind of learn the ropes again with how to breathe, and dive and not drown. 

The first location was beautiful - Josh was saying it was probably even a bit better than the Great Barrier Reef (which, if you put your conservation hat on for a sec, says more about how that wonder of the world is faring than anything else). 

Here in this second place the water was much deeper, but with a lot of amazing fish that were more than happy to come up and say hi. Tickly little buggers. 

I should probably invest in an underwater camera. 


Ship, ahoy!
Also ahoy: exciting parasailing things.

All geared up in funky outfits. 

Might've gotten burnt already...

Jonno was sacrificed first. 



Yes I have photos of everyone but in the air we all look the same, so. 
The view was utterly fantastic, as you can imagine. I'm not sure why I didn't bring my camera with me - I think out of some fear of losing it...she said, remembering the time she hung it over the side of the top floor of the Rockefeller building...

Note to self: be more adventurous with camera, and learn to just hang on real tightly. 

We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out at this resort-style place, complete with ice cream, hammocks and sunsets. 

Maybe a taaaad burnt...

On the way home to Gale...

...and to pack :( 

Farewell, Bali! Your people are enchanting. I wish you nothing but happiness. 

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