Great Flaming Scot!

Welcome to Edinburgh!

It's busy, it's beautiful, it's still bloody freezing.

We're here for Hogmanay, Scotland's epic New Years' Eve party. In the past they weren't allowed to celebrate Christmas so they did it all at December 31 for some reason I don't know don't ask complicated questions. Basically, it's the original and one of the biggest NYE parties around the world - what else do you need to know?

As soon as we got in, it was time to go to our first Hogmanay event.

But not before we got nice and acquainted with our room, which seems to have swallowed Willy Wonka's factory. 

Heh heh heh. 

"You know what this room needs? A cheap fairy statuette." 

Walking downtown, we first found some grub. 

Complete with Scottish drams. 

A jolly whiskey pub. 
ALL the whiskey. 

Hooray, whiskey!

The problem with this scenario was that I forgot how much whiskey tastes like shit. 

Shudder and cry. 

Event time. December 30 - New Years Eve Eve - is the Torchlight Procession, where thousands of people grab an old school wax torch and walk through Edinburgh for charity. I don't know the significance of it either, but you walk tot he sound of bagpipes, all money from buying the torches goes to charity and it's hella pretty. 
Let's go.

You can see the glow of thousands of torches from down the street.


There are thousands upon thousands of people that light up Edinburgh's streets as far as the eye can see. 

As we slowly went through the procession, there was a bloke with an extraordinarily strong accent asking where you came from and yelling it out to the crowd. 

Oh did I mention there was a fair in the valley here as well? Also the rise we're walking down is called the mound hahahaaha I am a small child. 



It all ended with some great fireworks set to dramatic Adele songs. 

The torches were really hard to put out... Also a lot of smoke in eyes. 
Also found: a pub filled solely with bagpipes players. Good. 

Pretty walk back to the hotel. 

Our hotel. 

You're lovely, Edinburgh. Can't wait to welcome 2015 with you tomorrow. 

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