Bath Unplugged

Our last stop on our epic road trip up through the United Kingdom and back again (like Hobbits) is the utterly stunning home of Jane Austen, Bath. 

So named because the city was built around ancient roman.....yes, baths. You wish you had ancestors this imaginative. 

Ready? Prepare for prettiness. 

Okay so this first shot isn't great BUT it's the street where our bread and breakfast is, plus Sir Toddington, so that's pretty good. 

We all remembered the name of the street because it's the most British thing that ever Britished. Besides Sir Toddington, obviously.

We only had one night here, so quick smart down to the baths we went.



The baths here are obviously very touristy, but also very well laid out and presented. 

The entire complex is about two thousand years old (!!!), built up and added to over the years but was originally a huge social, economic and religious centre dedicated to the Roman goddess Minerva. (Goddess of Wisdom...I see what you did there, JK Rowling). 

Casual 2k year old foundation of the original temple. 

Original drainage tunnel...the whole system is still completely functional, all the engineering around draining the baths, filling them up, bringing the hot water up from the spring...arg. To reprise a familiar refrain from this entire trip, "HOW??!!" 
Out in the main bath, it's all quiet, echoey, steamy and lovely.

Couldn't touch the water, but I did in a little puddle anyway and it was veeeery nice.

Could almost jump right in.

Didn't, though.

Because I am a functioning human being.

Fun fact: the water's green because algae in the water reacts with the sunlight. There used to be a huge, high vaulted ceiling that covered the whole bath. 

Overly touristy thing not complete without ridiculously touristy "local" Centurion. 

Ancient heating engineering. 

Walk time.

I don't know what this is, but I like it. 

Still Christmassy things. 

I see what you did there. 

I'm sorry there's very little writing in this post, but there's not really much to say. It's just so pretty. 

I went around for a little bit by myself at one point, too.

I'll drink to that. 

Found a tiny, adorable old-school book store. 

It was also very pretty.

I think I forgot how lovely and comforting it is to be in an actual bona-fide paper bookstore. 

Well-worn with bums. But bums having a good time reading.

Bought a few things, including a beautiful book about someone going on an existential train journey from Paris to Basel - kind of exactly what I'm doing, so thought I'd better get it. And read it on the train. On the way to Basel. For extra meta-ness. 

Where was I? Oh yes. Pretty.

This is the view from our room....which had a carpeted bathroom...and a BATH. In Bath. Ohh yeah. 

Livvy's photo. 

That night we went out to Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant, which was rather excellent and better than what we expected. I don't know really what we expected, but it was also good.

As was pretty Bath at night. 

They went a bit off with the espresso martinis. #alsoLivvysphoto

You go Livvy. 

And then we found a gin bar and each got the best gin and tonics ever - normally not my thing, but lovely bartender had some fruity ginny excellence and put fruit in it and then I shoved it in my face just kidding I'm a lady. 

That's all folks! No time to go see Jane Austen things unfortunately, but the chances of running into Mr Darcy were, admittedly, pretty slim so probs not much point anyway. 

See y'all in London town...

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