Tallulah's Top Ten Tunes - Somers 2015

Welcome to a new segment that I just totally made up! It's called Tallulah's Top Ten Tunes because alliteration is the biggest, bestest, most beautiful - blah whatever.


If you don't know me very well, it's important to note that I like music and I like sharing it, so I've decided to continue to collect, curate and just generally commit to these little posts every now and then in the hopes that you might enjoy listening.

This one's in celebration of a certain excellent time of the year that's come around again, where I faceplant sun, sand and jelly shots at Somers.

This playlist is simply summer in a musical can, and the kind of thing you just wanna hang around poolside to.

I also want to use these opportunities to feature a musical someone you might not've heard before - so, this time around: a fabulous little Toronto band to whose existence I was just alerted, which itself seems to feature Louis Armstrong reincarnate. 

Also a kinda Steve Buscemi reincarnate...

This weekend may you also find your little spot of sun, sand and jelly shots.

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