And So It Goes.

This is just a little blog to document some things.

It's mainly for people who I wish were here but are not.

I hope to update it every few days or so.

Not every day, because amazingness will not happen every day.

I'll damn surely try, though.

So, in true me fashion, here we go.

A week late.


Will start with a bit of home, for people who have not seen it, and to make this entire thing, y'know, well-rounded.

The basics.

This is the puppy:

This is maman:

This is FM:

This is everyone.

Plus others.

Plus Gale.

'Cause she wasn't in the others.
(Guys we need to work out a complete group photo.)

Some photos of Melbourne, before things really get started, and I go places.

Public screenings at Federation Square.

They were watching Q&A (a silly kind of current affairs program) and people in Fed Square tweeted comments at the screen! Whaaaaat?


Hi FM.

Hamer Hall + the Yarra Yarra.

A contemporary art gallery. Or something.

Shrine of Remembrance. 

Breakfast w FM.

Flemington Farmers' market with Maman.

That was home, and now, elsewhere.

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  1. You forgot Queen Vic, the ROUNDABOUT OF DEATH, Bourke St Mall, the various laneways, and Botanic Gardens. But I suppose this is a fairly good run-down of the basics. Not too bad. I approve.