Big Jet Plane.

Flying across the planet is surprisingly easy.

I didn't think it'd be super difficult, but it was really, really easy.

At no point, in any foreign country, or in any bizarre accent, was I lost or even confused.

It was excellent.

What's also excellent is pictures from planes. Lots of them.

Brace yourselves.

First, from Melbourne to Auckland.

Waiting at Melbourne Airport.

 Waiting because apparently the toilets weren't working. The pilot was literally like, "You guys prolly want that fixed."

Yeah. Yeah we do.

Even if it took one and a half hours.

Herro, fellow passengers.

I think Air NZ and I are gonna get along quite nicely.

Take off.

Later, Melbz.

Up in the air. Wish the wings wouldn't do that creepy flappy-show-innards thing.

Flight was shiny; not really long enough to watch a movie, listened to lots of NZ music instead. Yo. (pretty much that and Crowded House).

The seat next to me was free, and on the aisle was a nice woman from Melbourne who chatted for a while. She was going to Auckland for a break. Said I was going on to Canada. "Oooh, wow." 

That's right.

Meanwhile, the Western coast of New Zealand.

New Zealand doesn't really waste any time with the look-instantly-like-Hobbiton thing.

A three hour layover in Auckland, still no bloody internet.

Bought some special jetlag-reducing drink.

Got confused with money.

Argued with sales lady about two dollar coins.

"What is this."

"It's two dollars."

"It looks like a dollar. Your two dollar coin is weird."

"Your two dollar coin is weird."

"But it's small and thick and two dollar coin-y."

I totally won that argument.

It's interesting to note the souvenir airport shops in each country. They tend to proudly house all the clichés belonging to that nation. 

Australian ones have boomerangs and drizabones. 

Let's just say New Zealand ones lend themselves to their own sheep jokes.

While we're on the topic, I saw one in Toronto airport that was actually called, "Canada, eh."


From Auckland to Vancouver: that was long. Loooooong. Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong.

I like flying quite a lot, but about 2 hours in, it appeared to be bed time. Lights went off, it was socially awkward to keep your screen on, and everyone took posession of their quarter metre squared of space and hunkered down to an unbelievably uncomfortable slumber experience.

Acknowledgements go to my neighbours, the lovely Wellington woman on her way to a wedding in Vangroovy and the Aussie bloke from Sydney looking to start afresh on the other side of the world. 

Sorry for poking you.

When not attempting to ignore the stubborn ache in my crooked neck and trying to sleep, I kinda watched Brave and Snow White and the Huntsman. Both of which were pretty blah. Don't do it, kids.

Plane left Auckland at about 8pm, but because we arrived in Vancouver about 2pm, 'dawn' kinda rocked up awkwardly at around 3am.

Hi, dawn. You're a bit early, but okay.

It's a new day in the West Canadian timezone.

The descent into Vancouver.

Of course the first thing is mountains. Am basically on the set of 32 shows and movies right now.

The first thing I bought in Canada was a bottle of water.

It was very exciting.

The shop lady didn't seem to think so.


The flight to Toronto was relatively crap because just as, with wonderment, I thought I may be able to sleep, I realised, with horror, that I was on the end of the last seat at the back of the plane, so a giant queue of people will be brushing various body parts against my face for 4 hours as they go into the toilet right behind my head.

But by far the worst thing about the flight was the fact I landed in Toronto at 12.30am.


I couldn't go to campus. I wasn't paying $200 for a hotel room for 7 hours. 

Sleeping in the terminal it was. Oh yes.

I thought I might be able to just watch a few movies on my laptop or something but it became quickly apparent that if I didn't get any sleep before the big international student orientation scheduled for that day, I would be a grouchy, snappy rage monster and would make no friends ever. Ever.

I refuelled at what I have now learned is the pride of all Canadians:

By 'coffee' they actually mean brown-coloured percolated water, but that's a discussion for another time.

I took advice from a website that specialised in this kind of thing, but it still took me about two hours to find bloody terminal 3 (with apparently the better sleeping places) which is linked to terminal 1via a train that didn't seem to exist.

Fun fact: Toronto airport has no showers! Fated to be grouchy, snappy, SMELLY rage monster!

Anyway found it, and made my bed.

Bring it, Sheraton Hotel.

Rather scary because terrified of things being stolen. Obviously no sleep, because sleeping on top of computers, phones and travel purses under bright lights with an epically shouty FOR SECURITY DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BAGS UNATTENTED announcement every twenty minutes isn't the kind of comforable, restful environment.

All this noise and terror, even though not a soul was around.


A few hours later, I gave up and moved on. People started checking in and shit at about 5am. Rude.

So, thoroughly a grouchy, snappy, smelly rage monster, I sought non-Tim Horton's nourishment.

Best chocolate milk ever, actually. I deserved a treat. Also cheap. Yusss.

Went to a booth where the City of Toronto gives international students a welcome pack, with maps, vouchers, sim cards and a free call home. Thanks, Toronto!


Hello, Mr Taxi Driver. He was nice. I gave him a $5 tip. Mainly because was wary of repercussions of not tipping.

Grouchy, snappy, smelly, excited rage monster.


York University, Glendon Campus, is on Bayview Avenue. Hurrah! Taxi is going in right direction!

The avenue of sorts near Glendon. Where? IN THE BRIDLE PATH, BITCHES! a.k.a don't bother trying to live around here.

Heeeeeeeeere we go.


  1. Love the pictures!!!
    Okay, first off, that sleeping in airports site is going to come in handy for Lizzie and I when we have 11 hours to kill in LA.
    Second, those pictures of NZ are ridiculously pretty, and I got feels so bad seeing the Melbourne one, so I'm giving you virtual hugs.
    Thirdly, the fact that your face still looked like a face when you got to Toronto is grossly unfair and me and your camera will be having some words in the future.
    Fourth, you know that The Terminal movie? massive flashbacks, and I've never seen it, but hahahahahahahaha on the empty airport, because I mean really.
    Fifth, if you don't occasionally say 'eh?' to your Canadian friends then why the fuck are you there?
    Sixth, I'm insanely jealous, your travel over there sounds amazing and fun, and I can't wait to do the same later in the year, because you really really sell the experience! (and that's not sarcasm, btw)

    Talk again soon.
    Love the entry!

  2. lovin the blog / photos!!

    Kinda feels like i'm having a holiday...... without the hassles of sleeping in an airport :-P