Faraway Hometown Glory.

This is just a bit of a rundown of the place I'm gonna spend the next 4 months at. 

Your virtual tour.


My name's Tallulah and I'll be your guide for today.


This is Glendon campus, part of York University. Keele is the main campus. We don't go to Keele campus. More on that in a later update though, kids. 

 For those of you playing at home, it's a lot like Caulfield campus to Monash's Clayton. In that it's smaller, closer to the city and in a very pretty (wealthy) part of the city. In fact, this is the Bridle Path, bitches, so don't bother.

This is the front gate. And the address, I suppose.
Also, it says campus twice because the first one is in just happens to be spelled the same... a lot of signs do similar around here; usually using the same noun with the differently placed adjectives around it. 
Right out the front, where the bus comes up.

Some of the grounds; that's my residence, Hilliard, behind.

Mary and the Manor.

This is York Hall, where all our classes are. Anything that is not a residence or the gym is York Hall.
Lunch outside, because why would you sit inside.

Now it's time to go down to the gym.

We'll start outside my residence.

Hello Hilliard. My room is one of those at the top right.

Path past the park to the other residence, Wood.


That tree behind the seat there is actually a past professor's grave.

Past the other residence, Wood, to pick up some other people.

Once must go through the rose garden...

...and down the stairs. See, more construction.

Go down a pretty forest path..

And yes, this is a bitch to walk back up after you're worked out. It'd kind of a cruel joke. 
There's a river winding down below this bank.

Around the corner and voilĂ , le gym.

Sometimes one must go out at night time.

Outside Hilliard, waiting for Mary, because Mary forgets things, and is slow. 

Photo pre-approved by Elisa.


So here we go out to the buses. 
This is the cafeteria. It's also the biggest room, so where all the major Things happen such as meetings, announcements and spontaneous clubbing.

Gotta go through York Hall to get out to the bus stop, 

Out the other side.

So a giant white extension has literally just opened. It has classrooms and a Tim Horton's. You need sunglasses to be in it.

Roundabout out the front.

Waiting for the photographer. Yeeep.

Did I mention it was white?

The intersection outside the bus stop; these people are walking back into campus.

So the bus, which is thoroughly and uninterestingly like every other bus you will ever see ever, goes to the subway, to Lawrence station, where we go south to interesting and fun places.

Apparently these are the new trains which have no partitions and you can see straight down the entire length.

A map of the entirety of Toronto's subway system, complete with little lights showing where you are,  can fit at the top of the train. Bless.

What happens at 3am when the busses stop, but all good.

And now, where I sleep! And drink tea. And study, I suppose, maybe.

We'll see.

Hilliard residence lobby. There are seats for people to wait, and soap. Excellent.

The front entrance, plus a whole lot of touristy pamphlets to go to even more interesting and fun places. The night porter's office is just to the right.

My room door. The don of C-house made name tags for everyone. Awww.

The Shoebox. It stayed like this for a long time. Actually it still does kinda look like this. Anyway.
The window. It's a nice place to sit/put things.

The view! I'm on the third floor. I love it. Excuse the flyscreen.

The bathroom. It's okay. Except when the hot water doesn't work. Ahahahaha.


Over the next ten days, various improvements were made.

This came in from the company that sent me my bedsheets. It has been eaten. 

Emergency shopping, because remember no showers at Toronto airport. Fun. Also I now totally own Tide. Haaaa.

Upgrades to my door.
To home comforts.
To beverages (this is the shit, seriously, yuss). 

And to walls. 


Am also official student with shiny new card.

Even though purse is now really creepy.

 Well, that's all folks! Thanks for coming around with me, hope you had a swell time. Until next time.



  1. Oh my gosh such nice photos!! I can't believe your uni is such a dump- you must be counting the days to get back to the glory of Monash Clayton.....maybe not though. Also I can't believe you get to see squirrels!! Quite jealous!! xxxx

  2. Ahh you see squirrels! I love your campus! so green! obviously the exterior of The Manor is awesome! (not an archi nut at all)- xx

  3. Amazing pictures!!! The campus looks so quaint and forest-y, you must feel right at home in all those trees :) Love all the grass and the sun you're obviously getting :)