Greetings encore une fois!

Let me introduce you, briefly, to Frosh Week. 

It's kind of like orientation week, but on steroids. 

There was craziness, awesomeness, weirdness, newness and things to learn.

Oh yes.

Frosh week is for first years and international students, which means we were hanging out with all the 17 year olds. Hi, guys. You're so sweet. Feel free to come to my room if you feel lonely. I have tissues and tea. 


Everyone was separated into groups, designated by colours: blue, green, yellow, grey, black, teal (lol), orange, red aaaaaaaaaaaaand PINK. The best team ever. Obviously. Our specialty was thrusting. 

Kind of like this.

See here, the thing is cheering! One minute you're chatting with someone in your group, minding your own business, the next 300 people are screaming patriotic obscenities at the top of their lungs in prose form. There is lots of it and lots of words to remember.

And lots of thrusting.

We were led by the "De-Frosh" people who are upper year students (i.e. the same age as me) they they organised everything, all these events over 10 days from pub nights to trips to amusement parks and cheering sessions. 

This was our introduction to cheering, on the first day:

This one though I think shall always be my favourite. 

More Frosh Week info to come...

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  1. You're such a creeper with your camera!!! OMG, that was hilarious, that guy's little wave like 'oh my god what are you doing'. Lawd.