That's So Frosh!

Here's the basic lowdown on various things that happened on Frosh Week.

Many events are here all clumped together, mainly because we're getting a bit behind with this blog caper. Also it's neat and pretty and vaguely chronological.

This is all a couple of weeks ago now, where I see all the places and meet all the people I am now much more acquainted with.

So why are you just sitting there? Come on.

That's more like it.

This is one of the first days of Frosh; going around the city with our groups (P-I-N-K, HUH!) mainly to get to know some people, learn the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) a bit more and see the city.

We had to go to various places and do challenges. It was a bit Amazing Race-y.


Challenge #1: make a human pyramid.

Pink Team Represent.

Walking through the city to get to different places.

They have trams! But they're not as pretty. And called streetcars. Or something. Which is silly.

I always did feel sorry for members of the public who had to deal with us. 300 COLLEGE STUDENTS IN YOUR PERSONAL SPACE! SURPRISE!

Walking walking. To the distillery district!

This is Brandon. Hi, Brandon. He's my Lush buddy ;D

Distillery district. Named so for rather obvious reasons.

Challenge #2: Banana soccer?

So the idea is to put the tennis ball through the 'goal' with only a banana tied to a piece of string on your waist. Some thrusting involved, which was fine, 'cause that was our specialty, remember.

It's pretty classy, and not at all euphemistic. 



Random interjection; I took this photo because these are Sav's Crocs and I didn't think they looked too bad. WHAAAA??

To the next challenge.

Challenge #3: Orange...passing...? I don't know, these aren't exactly official Olympic sports...

So the idea is to pass the orange from one person to the next, without hands, using only your chin and chest. We were timed, 5 second penalties if dropped. Timing stopped when the person on the end ate the orange.

Like this.

The point of such a sport became evident quite quickly.


It wasn't me. No really, it wasn't. I did awesomely.
So at the end Frasier just chows down on the whole gorram thing.
Audience included.

But like seriously, whoa. And yuck.


Next: more walking.

We are now in the entertainment district.

This is a concert hall. Either that or a large geometric jelly.

Challenge #4: Lolly...toothpick...passing. Gah.

Basically we got into a circle and had to pass lifesaver-type candy (the little hard donut ones) between us but only via toothpicks held between our teeth. We owned that game. 

Don't really have any photos though, because awkward, but yes. We were good. 

So apparently this is kinda the Canadian Walk of Fame! Glamorous. 

Yay! (this is the only person I recognised).

Challange #5: FLASH MOB. (hurrah, this one has a proper title).

We had to do spontaneous dancing in the middle of a square of Queen St and try to get as many standers by join in as possible. Apparently a group before us ended up with like 20 random people come in and join them do the Bus Stop or something.

Alas, we were not so impressive.

This is the other group (silver, but they're obviously grey) doing their hilariously lame rendition of something; we were a little better.

Palpable awkwardness. 
My sentiments exactly, good Sir.
Tangent: when the groups weren't singing love songs to each other and making love bombs, they dissed the shit out of each other. 

For instance, one could hear people yelling at the black team: "NOT A REAL COLOUR. NOT A REAL COLOUR."

But my favourite would be me catching a couple of groups yelling at the grey team: "FIF-TY SHADES. FIF-TY SHADES."



Lots of ice cream/hot dog stands around the city. Toronto is very Americanised. 

City Hall!
 Challenge #6: OREO EATING.

Except in order to eat the Oreo, you had to twist it and put it icing-down on your face and let it slide down into your mouth. No hands allowed, obs.

It is definitely one of the most ridiculous things I've ever done.

But I was one of only 3 people who did it though ;D

Sav, what are you doing.

 Back to Dundas Square, which you may have now deduced, is pretty much the centre of the city.

Someone walked by and said, "Thanks for serving our city, Spiderman," AND HE SALUTED XD

The intersection of Dundas and Yonge is where it's at. It's pronounced "young" btw. I don't know why either. It won't stop annoying me.

This is the Art Gallery of Ontario (this the first time I saw it though, before Andrew's Cultural Day). 

Challenge #7: PASTA...TRANSFERRING. Bloody hell.

Anyway, the idea is to get on your stomach and without your hands, put rigatoni in the bowl using only a piece of spaghetti between your teeth. I'm sensing a theme here.

My epic Oreo-ness was taken away here as I completely and utterly sucked at this. But in the last few seconds I managed to get ONE in; our total was 51 when the highest any other group had done was 32. That 1 was me :D Ohhhyeahhh.

We're now in an odd bohemian/asian part of town.

Challenge #8: You can prolly see what's gonna happen here:

Ready, set...

Oh yes.

It's getting a bit late now, but onward:

Random band just rocking out.

They have bright yellow fire hydrants everywhere :D

So that was one day. On to the next...

You remember how I said I'm never going to Keele campus ever again, and later you find out why? 

Here we go. 

But first, exposition; we went to our day (and much of the night) -long Keele trip in school buses. 



Australia and Belgium are very excited.



Once inside the novelty wore off pretty quickly as turned out they literally are school buses i.e. made for 10 year olds, with ten yr old leg lengths. 

Elisa, plus Saskia from the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean. I thought that needed a mention, because brilliant.

Behold, the wonder of Keele campus.

I know this is really snarky. Possibly overly so, but with the giant, creepy, ghost-townness of the place, plus the fact it's in the middle of bloody nowhere, plus the emails we get periodically informing us that someone else has been sexually assaulted here (another one came in as I'm writing this! Excellent), plus this dodgy day we had here (hey, not every second can be amazing), my opinion is not great.


Double Woo.

So no one actually told us what we'd be doing here today (and no one told us when we would be leaving, hhahahahaha, more on that later), and turns out most of it was SEX ED! YAY! That was fun.

Then we had something called the condom olympics, which involved putting as many condoms as possible on poor Nicole, who had the grievous misfortune of volunteering before knowing what the task was:

Next 'event': filling a condom with water.

*All* the way.

Yeeeeeeeep. This was fun. It took like a bloody hour. Of standing around watching latex expand. 

Anyway, Elisa and I escaped, when the de-Frosh were like btw, you now have 4 hours free! Yay! Yay.

So we found a general store in "York Lanes' which is like a shopping strip in the middle of campus, where I bought coat hangers and a kettle, and lunch in a nice gardeny bit we found.


After that we had a bit of a tour of the place (massive) and then we went out to this random courtyard where there was energy drink and a random rave party.

Sure, why not. Let's do this.

Yep. Okay.
It's a bit complicated but these people are part of a college at Keele, which is just one residence. Because Glendon is so small, all the Glendon people make up the Glendon college. So these orange people are...Mac, there were many other groups of differently-coloured people from different colleges (which are actually kinda sorted into faculty) around the rest of campus doing this similar thing.

Aaand we're still going.

All day and night. You thought I was joking? Lolagon.

Hahahaha no.



I know I sound like a right royal grinch and carpe diem and whatever and I'm not usually like that but that day: meh. Just meh.

Did eventually get back to Glendon. Eventually. We haven't been wandering aimlessly around Keele for the last 3 weeks. 



Next: Wasaga Beach! Which isn't a beach, because it's on the shore of Lake Ontario, but for all intents and purposes, let's just go with 'beach'. 

It was a brilliant day, and let it be known I have officially attended a legit college beach party! Hurrah!

On the *very* long bus ride there, Canadian countryside!

A college beach party wouldn't be complete without a makeshift dancefloor and suped up cars driving down the strip slowly containing dudes and loud hip hop. 

Apparently the foreigners needed to be acquainted with Walmart ketchup chips.

A good day.

Heh heh. This one's for your mum, Lis.

Later on in the week, we went to a ball game. Saw the Toronto Blue Jays and the Baltimore...something. Another bird. I cannot remember. 

Fun fact: baseball is just as interesting live as it is on TV!

Also, the Blue Jays were slaughtered. It's not as fun as it sounds.

That's the CN Tower, which is lit up prettily at night.

All the other Keele colleges were there, shouting things.

Evidently a theme is emerging of each event ending with a pic of Lis and I.

Alas! That was Frosh Week. Thanks for your time, I know it was a long one.

More exciting, shorter and less-late things to come!



  1. save the unicorns!!

    lovin the blog - photos are sooper dooper!!!

    looks like you are having a great time. YAY!!! :-)

  2. (nice use of the avengers gif there Lu)
    Toronto seriously reminds me of Melbourne from those pictures.
    Fifty shades? *giggles snort cough* I'm okay.
    OMG, City Hall looks like a Gothic Frankenstein palace. I want it so much.
    COBS bread. LOL. That's the same parent company as Bakers. lawd.
    Also, grungy part of the city looks to Chicago a la '87 it's awesome.
    Hey! You've officially seen a Canadian sporting event. Next time, though, go with ice hockey, because it's sexier and more violent ;)
    RENNER! I'm okay.
    These pics are fantastic, loving them! Plus super jealous over your obvious shenanigans.