Andrew's Cultural Day.

Gonna mix this up by recounting some much more recent events before things that happened 2 weeks ago.



Let's go.

Andrew's Cultural Day.

Very important.

Here is Andrew.

Hi Andrew.

It was his day.

 It was very cultural.

First was some street dancers at Dundas Square.


We then visited the Art Gallery of Ontario.

In which I got lost, and went around by myself for a few hours, and Mary Bear got a bit angry afterwards. But that's okay.

Wood, glass, light was a theme.

There was a photography competition going on. Could've voted, but thought they were all pretty crap, so didn't.

The only picture I got before someone yelled at me. That's a Picasso there; I really liked it. It was a family portrait. But all emo and stuff coz it's Picasso.

I actually learned a bit about Canada, because there was a big section on local artists. Very bad how little I know of Canada; couldn't even name all the provinces. So, there were some very shiny paintings of Vancouver-esque mountains and Inuit art; even a collection 10,000 year old spear heads and arrows.

Upstairs was a coffee place.

We then went to Mass at St Michael's cathedral.  

Even though I'm Athiest, Elisa's Jewish, Andrew's Mormon and Mary ceased practising years go. 

The Church and the wonderful boys' choir were worth it. 

Also, it's simply a peaceful kind of place. 

Made me miss singing a helluva lot though :(

Found dinner at a great Japanese place; seemed to be run by an elderly husband and wife. They gave us free noodle salad and dumplings and every time the bloke put something down on the table he'd go, "Like Gangnam Style!" 

Op, op op op.

Off to mind more cultural things because going back to campus at like 9 on a Saturday night is not okay.

More specifically, we were off to find a Mexican bar because it was MEXICAN INDEPENDENCE DAY! VIVA MÉXICO!!

(Elisa is Mexican, in case you missed that memo)

Like this.

Street artists.

City Hall. I think. Either way, it's cultural. 

Thinking Toronto's entertainment district looks a lot like Melbourne.

We also popped into a condom shop. Excellent.

Cultural fashion things.

Mary doing chocolate.  
Brilliant comic store.

The fabled Mexican bar was not forthcoming. Asked people, googled, walked at least 15 blocks and when we found one it was closed. Viva Toronto nightlife! Eventually found a place called Tequila Bookworm, which was more than adequate. 

Andrew thought he'd be really cool. 
No, Andrew, cameras don't work like that. 

Thanks for joining us on our Cultural Day.

Which kinda ended up as a Tipsy Day.

But same thing, really.


  1. Hey, the photos are great! I miss Canadia...

  2. The photos are really good, even when tipsy... or does the camera have an auto tipsy adjustment feature? Hugs.

  3. Looks like you had an amazing time that night! The photos look amazing- is Toronto always that pretty? Because that was really pretty. Like, Melbourne pretty.