Spontaneous Missy.

A long, long time ago, about last Thursday, it was going to be a quiet night in, but ended up coming home at about 2am, again.

Why? MISSY HIGGINS WAS IN TOWN. Playing music. With other lovely people, Butterfly Boucher (another Aussie) and Katie Herzig. All of whom are amazing.

Found out about it at 5.30pm, was like to people,


and because they are awesome, they said YES.

Spontaneous concert went a little like this:

The stage, called the Opera House, on Queen East.

Loveliness of Butterfly Boucher. 

Yes that is her real name.

The bassist we became an instant fan of. 

First sight of Missy! All three of them work together a lot so they rock up randomly on each other's sets to help play.

Mazza is excited.

Cello alert.

Katie Herzig did her thing, which was amazing.

Having a rest closer to the ground.
The crowd. Nice folks.

I claim him as Australian, because I say so.

Watching her sing was like reliving my old memories again, I've listened to her so long. She's so damn fantastic live.

Here is "Steer", so you may enjoy a bit as well.

Update: just realised I start bloody singing along half way through. But the video's already here and I can't be bothered taking it off and I'm so so sorry.

Laterz, lovelies.

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