Une Nuit Blanche à Toronto.

La Nuit Blanche is an all-night festival running from 7pm-7am where the city shuts down and you walk around the streets finding art and food in interesting places.

It sounds awesome (and it kinda is) but you can possibly guess the kind of people that would enjoy the idea of the city shutting down and the people running the streets at all hours of the morning.

This is the most diplomatic of depictions.


Anyway. Was still très interesting and shiny and you can now get a much better idea of what Toronto looks like and where I now live* :D


*Am officially 'living' here according to Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs because is more than 3 months so yes.

Once again, photos tend to speak more (and be much more interesting) than words.

People all on the street! We felt very rebellious. Muahahaha.

I'm just gonna cross here 'cause there ain't nothin' you can do about it.

Just chillin'.

Many thousands of people.

With the usual suspects.

Men with shiny bikes.

The Bay (named after the Hudson Bay Trading Company) is a very shiny department store where you buy all the expensive things.

Right in the thick of it.

City Hall.

Overrun by lots of drunk idiots, but y'know, life is interesting.

There's a movie being projected onto the damn building!! Some bizarre deep and meaningful arty thing though. Why it wasn't the Avengers, we'll never know. 'Cause that would've been awesome.

I don't know what this was.

But you could walk on it, and it made cool noises, so that was good.

This is Nathan Phillips Square. It had um, y'know, things in it. Supposed to represent Armageddon or something.

You'll prolly start to sense a theme here of 'Things Not Really Make Sense'. 

Full moon. Or nearly, anyway.

This is the New City Hall, not that nice old building any more.

There were massive speakers behind playing extremely loud and extremely dramatic opera. I don't know, but whatever it was, I enjoyed it.

The art connoisseurs. 

Hey look, more construction. This is my shocked face.

I...I don't know.
Hey look! Stuff is happening! What...what stuff? You know...stuff...with lights and...floating people....Let's go.

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There was a, um, man in a class cage doing a rubik's cube.

You'd think if you were an art installation and your one job was to solve a rubik's cube, you wouldn't suck at it, but no. He sucked at it.

STREET FOOD!! But the line was too long :( I will have proper poutine soon...soon...

Spontaneous clubbing. Why not. There's enough classy people on the streets to make it happen.

Road closed...POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

There was a projection of a chandelier that kinda just...faded off an on...that was fun.

Next place: walk under pretty lights! It was pretty.

Think he was just a busker, not an installation. Though you never know around here.

Street drummers outside the Elgin Theatre.

Ryerson Uni. Ooh ooh, R U, R - no wait.

Because why not.

Late night snacks.

In the queue for another.

On attend.

It's like a tunnel of lit-up buttony things that you push in! My favourite!

Surprisingly extremely satisfying.

This is actually a photo of a fight going down. This bloke punched this girl and another guy got knocked out and mobile phones were thrown and it was very dramatic. 

Because freedom, man.

I think this photo kind of expresses the classiness of the entire evening.

Oh! And we're at the end. Thanks for coming along people; hope you got something out of seeing Toronto a little more...

Until next time...

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