A Dramatic Pub Night.

So there was a dramatic pub night during which dramatic things happened but which aren't exactly put-on-blog-so-everyone-and-their-uncle-can-see things. 

This is kind of the kid-friendly version.


Michelle is the Torontonian you go around with because she knows things and shows you shiny Toronto things. Because pub nights don't even remotely start until around midnight or so, we had time to go out and have a good dinner someplace; this time at Shell's favouritest and best Greek place, Messini's.

You know what they have there?


Oh God, yes. 
So Greek Town is another place that looks a lot like Melbourne.

Greek Town to the extent that even street signs were in Greek, as well as the names of all the different kinds of shops. 

You hear that Canada is one of the most, if not the most, liberal, friendly, welcoming, assimilating country but it's kinda true. It's kind of hard to explain, especially briefly as I want to here, but you see it in places like this, in the great representation of different genders, skin colours, shapes and sizes on television and in advertising. 

Australia is awesome, but I dare you to find quite prolific ads saying to immigrants, literally, "Welcome! You belong in Canada! Here are all these services to get you started and successful here."

Anyway. Back to pretty pictures. 

So much Greek food, so little time.

Interesting shops.

Our guide.

Obs a Greek Town wouldn't be complete without a cake shop.

It's squash season! 

The pub night was at a place called "Philthy McNasty's" which, if you hadn't already realised, is the bloody best name for a pub in the history of anything ever. 

Anyway, here ye may meet some new people...

But not here. Just the usual suspects. Surprise! Also I believe this was one of the techniques used to make Hobbits look so tiny - I swear I'm not this big.

Important Facebook updating. 

All of the lights.

Classy time.

New blood! Meet: Lisa's bf Isaac! QUIT BEING ADORABLE. The first thing he said to me was that he reads this blog, so we've got a reputation to uphold, people. And by people, I mean me. 
Back to normal people. 

He is also Mexican, but likes to pretend to be German to troll his fellow countrymen. 

Fannnyyyyy. Arg, I just want to pinch her cheeks all the time. Was that weird? I think that was weird.


Whoop, me time now. 

Belgium just starts barging in...

Aaaaand here comes Spain. Drunk Spain.

With extra duck. 

Move it, USA. 

Canada beer! 

So one of the night's interesting events consisted of a very drunk gentleman stealing my camera and bag and going around the club taking pictures. 

Because this is a nice and friendly blog read by lots of people and this is also the kid-friendly version of the evening, I'm just gonna say that he's a bit silly. 

And that none of the pictures he took were really, um, appropriate. It's okay. I doubt he remembers. 
This is my 'Please, sir, may I have my camera back?' face. 

I reserve the right to photobomb my own camera's photos. 

Back in the right hands.

More class act-ness. 

James in da house. 

Oh Gosh, I only just noticed the sliver of Andrew's face.

Belgium announces her presence. 

Andrew's Angel. 

Keeping a look out for things.

I don't know who he is. Does it matter.

On the way home (walking, because moronic TTC), we got our first taste of Halloween with some local decorations....ooooooooohhh

AHHHHHHH! Oh, and there's a skeleton.

Another pub night gone, folks....keep tuned in, the scary season has just started....MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

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  1. Ahahah Tallulah, I had never read this post, it's brilliant! you really made me laugh (especially with the hobbit technique) and it reminded me such a fun evening... :-) I really enjoy your blog, bravo!