A Little Bit of Ottawa.

Am extremely pleased to announce that we have done it. We have finally done it.

The things that are in this blog actually occurred today - the date that is at the top there.

We've caught up.

I'd like to thank my mom, and my dog, and my packet of tim tams, and -


*update: this all actually happened the day BEFORE the date up the top there because hotel internet was being a dick. Totally not my fault, and achievement still stands.

We took a train from Toronto to Ottawa. About 5 hours, not even. Exciting things.

A little bit fancy.

Laterz, Toronto, you miserable old thing.

A little bit of Lake Ontario.

So I think this photo is stupid, but they really liked it,

Entertaining things.

Stopped in the middle of nowhere a few times.

Country Ontario not feeling much happier than its capital. Sadface, Ontario.

So, Lis had the misfortune to sit next to the window near the wrath of my camera lens, muahahaha.

Small towns, doing small town things.


To the marshes!

To creepy-ass marsh forest!

Getting some final people - and by people, I mean the dog, obs.

It was very easy to find a bus that not only went straight to Downtown (the CBD seems to be called 'Downtown' here too, it must be a thing) but straight out the front of our hotel. Which is two very small blocks away from Canada's Parliament House.

Nice work so far, Ottawa.

Also massive credit to me, 'cause I'm the one who found the hotel. Muahahaha.

Our welcome to Ottawa consisted of the bus driver leaving from Ottawa Station not seeing the last little old lady getting on and getting her stuck in the doors; the sides of the doors were big lengths of rubber, so she was literally hanging half in and out of the bus, to which the driver went, 'OH I'M SO SORRY, EHH!' It was one of those times I would've liked a camera in my face so I could've taken a photo/video without the awkward social ramifications.

So, in case you haven't already worked out/known, Ottawa is the capital of Canada. Thus the Parliament House thing, which is on top of Parliament Hill, complete with the Peace Tower, which means it's the highest thing in the city.

It's a bloody pretty city. Because everything is the main deal, all official, with all the official people, everything is shiny, neat, clean and pretty. It looks a lot more like (miniature) Melbourne; It's also a lot smaller than Toronto - barely a million people, so room to breathe. Because it's so small, everything is in walking distance. So no public transport hassle for us this weekend.

On every corner is a Tim's and a Starbucks battling it out - Second Cup has been shoved aside here. On November 2, Startbucks holiday flavours were in full effect. Mary was very excited. This is the coffee situation.

Fun fact: I spend a lot of time waiting in coffee shops for these guys.

We set out to find lunch at around 4pm, like normal people, and found Byward Market - it was like a square with cafés, pubs and gourmet food shops with a building of artesian things and more food in the middle.

Really nice work, Ottawa.

Found: Irish pub. It was really cheap, too. People always told us Toronto was really damn expensive, but still.


Walking back to the hotel. About two blocks that way.

So that spectacular this is actually a hotel. With all the limos and shiny lights constantly out the front, it's obviously the main fancy one where all the People stay.

Btw, castle. Surprise!

Impressive government buildings everywhere.

It's wet, and bloody effing cold.

Can finally put our feet up for a bit.

Room with a view.


Warning: Maz in a silly mood.

And, finally: winter/snow boots purchased. Perfectly comfy and wooly and warm and waterproof.

Doing some research.

Switching it up at night at the Scottish pub and some live music.

Back to basics.

Until tomorrow, peoples....


  1. enjoy! that pretty castle hotel is owned by the same people who run the royal york in toronto (that pretty castle one across from union station)

    You should go on a tour of parliament, mildly interesting. Maybe you'll catch a glimpse of ol' harper

  2. SO COOL!!! SO JEALOUS!!! OMG, OTTAWA TOO!!! But so pretty. It looked really fucking cold- was it really cold? I suppose you have to get used to that now :)