In the Land of Australia, a.k.a (according to Canadians) the Land Where You Die From All The Things That Like To Eat You, Halloween is not a thing. 

You may get one or two sad little kids going around trick-or-treat-ing getting told to bugger off, and a couple of sad-looking pumpkin and/or skeleton decorations in stores next to the onslaught of Christmas ones that just hit the market. But no one really cares.

But here - so good. So, so good. 


Let's go. 

We (the US, Mexico and I) did not have any costumes planned, because no time or money and I've never done this before. Was extra hard because I couldn't just scrounge around my home finding random things to stick on myself and pretend I look like something, we literally had nothing to work with. It was a problem because I knew not dressing up was completely and utterly out of the question.

SO on the morning of Glendon's pub night, where these shenanigans took place, the wondrous and brilliant Elisa said to me - WE COULD BE SCARY DOLLS; pyjamas and crazy make up, no problemos. 


This is the kind of thing I found on the internet - no time or supplies to do this masterful work, but if I was at 


So while I was at choir practise they went out to get some emergency make up supplies and alcohol (necessary for going out in public dressed like this, believe me). 

Andrew doesn't dress up. He doesn't do that kind of thing. But even he had to acquiesce. In the most classy way possible, obviously. 


Nice save, Andrew. 

The base coat: borrowing white make up from Ana, my neighbour. I was completely making this up as I went along.

Rah. This prolly could've done, this scared me. 

The lovely Michelle made an even lovelier Audrey.

Hello. (No seriously, I looked I finished and stepped back from the mirror I scared the shit out of myself.)

So much win.


Supplies... The TARDIS mug is full of wine. We're classy around here.

Chase: Master of Disguise.

Checking out others as they leave for the cafeteria (remember, cafeteria is also master of disguise, one moment uninspiring food hole, next BAM halloween club).


Our other scary dolls.

OTHERS!! Not one person left behind in the costume department.

This is Lothlórien. Best bow hair ever.

Elisa knows to pose. Think there's Captain Canada behind them or something.

My kiss on his cheek. Comme un vrai homme français.

Pretentious? Moi?

The place was very much set up like a club - lines, entry fees, stamps and everything.

Greek in the place.

Partners in...disguised class.

So she is, and I quote, "if Harry Potter was a monster." 

This is Abby. Abby is drunk. Hi, Abby.

She is.... A SERIAL KILLER, ehehehehehehe.

So this actually creepiest thing that has ever happened to me and I didn't want to put it up but I suppose being creepy as hell is kinda the point.

Here we go.

Oh dear.


-cue screaming-

I am le terrified!


Obligatory creepy Elisa photo.

Real tattoo. It's a song, apparently. Je dois la trouver. 

He wants to suck your blood.

Où est Charlie? Je peux pas le voir...

Robin Hood, yes.

Aaaand, we're in.

Flapper girl.

She's a zombie cheerleader. Obviously.

A currently unemployed hockey player.

I want to say Joan Jett, but it's...Jack White's wife or something...Karen? Who cares. Awesome.

They stole my camera. It's not my fault. Everything else is though, muahahaha.

France and its bling, man.

Whoop whoop!

Viva l'espagne. 

I do believe this is one of my favourite photos ever.

We found this. We had to play with it.


Hello Dolly.

This is the condom fairy. V important.



Uh oh.

Haha, I know not.

Disintegrating face.

Not many places you see Marilyn and Elvis chatting.

People stealing Andrew's costume, but still cool.

Devil girl

As always, pictures are better than words in every way. I hope you got the general idea. I'm never not doing Halloween again.

Later, freaks.



ooh, missed one sadly. Mal Reynolds

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