Dorna's Little Interlude.

Gooooooood afternoon, EVERYONE!

Everyone, meet Dorna.


Dorna likes this blog. Dorna was upset she hasn't been on this blog yet. So this is a little interlude for Dorna. I'm sorry it's quite late. It's the way things happen around here. Don't look like that, you should know this by now.

I dunno if someone forgot to tell her that being on my blog requires lots of um, candid images, but not my problem ;D

Luckily for Dorna, we all kind of spontaneously decided we wanted Italian, providing ample blog fodder that involved pictures of herself.

Brandon and Dorna! And travelling! 

Found an extremely awesome Italian restaurant in...Little Italy! It's a working cliché.

Bruschetta: hell yeah.

Proper pizza which is not Pizza Pizza!!! 

So much Dorna, so little time.

Afterward we just walked around a bit...just a lazy day whose main highlight was lunch...that is to say, a very good day.

Wind makes for interesting photos.


A bit of a bohemian section. What am I saying, half the city looks like this. O Toronto!

This is Honest Ed's! Which, apparently is a Torontonian institutions. It's like a massive department store, but with nothing over about $5.

Excellent for poor uni students, let's be honest.

So I know we did get up to date with this blog, but this one is a few weeks behind. Not a huge amount of things have been happening recently, it's geting to the 'ew' end of the semester, but this time's a bit different because care factor in regard to studies is extremely low. Primarily because I'm on bloody exchange and the amount of things I'm more interested in doing more than 8 compte-rendus could fill several large volumes. My classes are also pretty uninspiring, which doesn't help. So, to people: I am actually a relatively studious person, and staying up 'til 3am watching television isn't what I normally do on a school night. But here, yes. Yes it is.

Good morning, afternoon, evening and night. As Alyssa Milano says, "Wherever you are in your day, I hope you're giggling."

Over and out.

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