NYC - Christmas Edition

Christmas in New York City.

Pro: Christmas in New York City.

Con: not white :(

(until the day after, anyway. Nice work, New York City)

Lights! Trees! Coldness! Shininess! Shopping! Food! People!

All very exciting.



There were pre-Christmas things, because we got here a few days before. 

Such as - the Rockerfeller Center Tree. 

Ellie's photo!

And the Center itself.

Also Ellie's!



We also went to Bryant Park, where there was a sweet Christmas market, with more shininess and tasty things.


Last Ellie.

 More giant Christmas trees - 

Lizzie's photo.

If Christmas means lights, and lights mean Times Square, then really, Christmas = Times Square.

(back to mine ;D)

This also means - 


(Lizzie's again)

Three floors of M&Ms and their infinite themed souvenirs and gadgetry. With walls of giant tubes of every colour and flavour of M&M in existence. 

Excitement. (More Lizzie's)

 Outside again - 

'Murica. (Lizzie's)

'Murica's heroes. (Also Lizzie's) 

Christmas eve - skating in the Park.

Top of Central Park, near Harlem. 

Oh hai, Harlem.

Oh no. Here we go.

One for hockey, one for people to fall on their arse go for a lovely morning slide around.
I'm pumped for this. Really. (From Ellie)

BUT - an hour and 5 or so laps later, LOOK!! NO SIDES! I AM GLIIIIDINNNG. 

And no arse-falling. Which was excellent.

Later that night - midnight Catholic mass seemed like a nice thing to do. I like singing. Lizzie didn't come because she doesn't like baby Jesus. Shunnnnn.

Columbus Circle, not so far away, where we found a church with a concert beforehand and no reservation needed to get into Mass.

Church of St Paul the Apostle.

Our singing songs.

The concert before was wonderful, and some of the readings/chants this bloke did were v pretty. 

Here just for the pretty, let's be honest. 

Christmas morning!

Our little Xmas tree - we made extra paper decorations and paper snowflakes.

Santa says smile!

My Maman gave us presents so we had something to open :D

Christmas morning means special breakfasts.

What's open and cheap on Christmas Day?

Central Park, bien sûr.

The 72nd Street entrance was just a block or two over.

Merry Christmas, Upper West Side!


Where park meets concrete jungle.

The Dakota Hotel.

All throughout the park are benches dedicated to people and places. 

I'm  not the only one.

Christmas hotdog time! (Lizzie, our resident Grinch: Christmas food poisoning time!) 

The Waldorf Astoria in the back of many photos.

Christmas Sax.

SQUIRREL! But no Glendon black ones.

Christmas wedding!

More music. (double bass!)

Lady, you gots some birds on yo' head.

The boathouse Christmas spirit - TREE ON A BOAT.

This photo is possibly a bit creepy to mention this, but Central Park is still really peaceful and pleasant in Winter, even with very little green (I go slightly crazy with no green). 

Look mum, I'm on a rock.

Waiting. Coming, Moooom.

This makes me want to live in NYC (more). 

We returned the same way, and someone had left roses.

Also on the way back - BETRAYAL!!

Also, we must go here. I should get a discount. Yes.

To top it all off, with a frost-dusted cherry on top (despite no actual frost, dammit New York city) - Christmas dinner. Oh, yes.

 More exciting NYC editions coming up, peoples of the world.


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