NYC - Guggenheim Edition

This blog shall now just consist of random posts of various days, completely out of order.

Wouldn't want to be boring now, would we. 

The weather has been very lovely (no snow, grrrrr), and on one of those lovely days, we took a trip to the Guggenheim Museum.

There was a Picasso exhibition on - black and white masterpieces, with a free audio tour featuring his foremost expert and his own daughter, who brought an amazing father-and-daughter aspect to the artist with all her stories.

The walk to the edge of the park, where, suddenly: GUGGENHEIM.

Beautiful houses and buildings around.

On the Museum Mile (5th Avenue)

A bit of a queue to get in, but not so bad.

Layers upon layers of Picasso.

Speaking of free things - free tickets. $18 entrance fee, not for us; we were standing in line for tickets and this woman came up to us and said sneakily, " many of you?" 


"Excellent, here are 3 free passes, I don't need them" 


Amazing stranger, three poor students thank you muchly.

No photos once you get to the first level, unfortunately. Picasso all around the spiral, but there were a couple of larger galleries featuring other interesting people as well, from a Russian Impressionist to modern photography and installations. 

Does not mean no sneaky up top photos, though.

Setting sun by the time we got out - not a big deal, this starts at about 4pm, arg.

A walk down the Museum Mile.

THE MET! Soon..

Hello, beautiful.

More lovely houses. WHY NOT ME.

Soooon... (also, construction out the front. Why not. Sigh)

Ellie is not pleased.

Our favourite cabbage flowers.

Hi, salt. Why are you here? THERE IS NO SNOW.

We went in search of macaroons - down Madison Avenue. 

Upper West Side seems to be very residential and family friendly - wealthy families, to be sure, but a friendly, laid back kind of place.

Upper East Side is where all the serious fancy is. 

And by macaroons, mean Ladurée. I don't want to become one of those ridiculous macaroon-obsessed people.

And I'm not.

I'm a ridiculous Ladurée-obsessed person.

There's only about 8 in the world. If you're in Sydney - get your act together and your butt down there.

Classic salted caramel and bloody orange and ginger. It's a situation.

Until next time...

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