NYC - Sick Lizzie Edition

Lizzie got the flu. Silly Lizzie.

After bemoaning the stupidity of the American health system for a while, we left her to her own snotty, miserable devices in bed. 

Breakfast at a café in Chelsea. 

Writing lots of postcards after breakfast at a café in Chelsea.

Chelsea again because the first time we didn't go to the High Line - which is a kind of garden walkway that meanders through buildings and over roads. 

That bridgey thing is a garden walkway, not a bridge. Twist.
Okay so it's a little on the winter dead side, but still nice. 

It has nice lower Manhattan views anyway.

Also just back to Chelsea again because we really liked it last time. You can see why.

Artwork and everything. 

The end of the high line came upon us suddenly, left us randomly at 35th street-ish. But everywhere is always okay to explore, so all good. 

Suddenly: Madison Square Garden!

This monolithic thing took up about 4 blocks - turns out it's the headquarters of the US Postal Service.

(Why does it need all that space. What are they doing.)

Which was annoying at first, until I realised: I HAVE POSTCARDS TO SEND! I'd actually been keeping an eye out for a blue postbox somewhere, when I figured the headquarters of the USPS would probably have somewhere I could send them. 

We lived in hope.

There was, don't worry.

Wandered up to Central Park.

Got really excited seeing this rock: I remembered it and the playground underneath when I was here over a decade ago. (I feel old now). 

Fun fact: NYC isn't as big as you think it is. We entered the park this time around from the middle of the south end - you could easily see both bottom corners - one 5th avenue, the other Columbus Circle, a walkable distance from where we were staying. It also takes no time at all to walk from one borough to another. 

Trumpet man.

Yes, ma'am!

Central Park carousel! Closed. Devastated. 

Beautiful 5th Avenue synagogue across the street. 

This is the Central Park Zoo, which looked like a nice place if you have kids. Also big kids.

The hardworking horses that lug tourists around all day.


Lunch! At 5pm. Whatever. 

Belgian hot chocolate.


Not a burger!

By the time we got out: night time! Funny how that happens. 

The US's total outstanding debt, broken down into debt for each person in America. Nice work, America.

Spontaneous decision: Top of the Rock. Not as well known as the top of the Empire State, and not as high, but up there you can actually see the Empire State. 


Ellie and her love. 

Up the lift. 

Hello! There were giant letters on the side of the building, and I couldn't see what they were saying, which was annoying. 


Extra excellent.

Empire State: F yeah. 

Above is this room with squishy chair things with loud and relaxing classical music playing. Odd, but I like. 

The bright room upstairs? An installation artwork thing, the entire thing a machine that notes people coming in and out and keeps track of where they are in the room.

The light above my head is a cross that follows me around. I'm like a character in a computer game. (Ellie's photo)

All the pretty colours. And crazy people. 

Hi Ellie. (mine again) 

And to finish: 

Ta daa!

So much goodness. NYC, please don't leave me. 

Even though it did, because I'm currently writing this in Las Vegas airport, about to board for Los Angeles. 


We're getting there. It's happening. I think it's a good job, considering, y'know, Vegas. 

Merci à tous, and until next time... 

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