NYC - Brooklyn Bridge Edition

New York marathon! 

We're still going! 

We're still here! 

We're nearly done! 

Let's go!

We're not kidding around.

So I believe we're the first NYC tourists ever to not go up the Empire State building. 

We ended up leaving it until the last day; beautiful weather for 3 weeks, and suddenly rain and muggy and fog and zero visibility a hundred stories up.

Nooooo :( 

Stupid building.

Onward (but not upward) to other necessary iconic NYC things: the Brooklyn Bridge. Taking the subway to Brooklyn so we could walk the bridge back to Manhattan.

There isn't much to say...we walked over the bridge, and it was excellent. Pretty straight forward. So all photos, no words, just the way we all like it anyway.

Still a miserable day, but we can work with it. Pretty sure the Manhattan skyline is on the wondrous side of things in any weather.

Required Brooklyn jazz hands.

For lovers only. 

So good.

Getting all political.

Back on Manhattan land. 

Obligatory crappy souvenirs at every NYC landmark.

Lunch time! 

D'you know Katz's Deli? Probably not, but you actually do if you've ever seen When Harry Met Sally. 

This place is a big deal. Do not go without preparing to eat. It's a big place, and I cannot imagine at atmosphere more New Yorker.

Dear God. 

Matzo ball soup. I had no idea what it was, so I ordered it. Pretty nice. 

I got their specialty: pastrami sandwich.


Half a pastrami sandwich. 

Dear God. 

There was nothing in there but pastrami. Nothing.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

We went exploring up and around. Katz's was where I have dubbed "Ho", as it was on Houston Street (remember SoHo is south of Houston St, and NoHo is north). 

Wandering into Greenwich Village, and into the Meatpacking District, which went straight into Chelsea. 

Here's the start of the Meatpacking District. I think. It's hard to tell. 

It doesn't matter. I loved them both.

NYC Winter family times. 

New York cheesecake. It had to happen. 

Another amazing subway busker. 

Very, um, interesting things in the subway. I like the disclaimer at the bottom. Amusing. 

A quick trip to a familiar place.

And that's it for that day. 

One more NYC to go, I promise.

Then onto new and exciting things. 


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