NYC - Sunset on Manhattan Edition


We are here.

We have arrived.

This is the last New York City Post.

Nice work, everyone.

I've left possibly the best 'til last (who can really separate the best from the best in NYC, after all) - it's the day Ellie and I took a boat cruise the entire way around Manhattan Island. Lizzie still sick. Sadface for Lizzie.

Let's go. This is pretty exciting, people.

Damn straight.

It was a three hour cruise, from 2 til 5pm, so we got the sunset as well.


Leaving at the far West side of 42nd Street.

Waiting to board.

Waiting had an okay view, I guess.

On! You could get up and move around anywhere, even the very back and front of the boat, Titanic style. But with no young Leonardo or kissing.

Manly selfies!

So the most interesting bits you want to see are right at the beginning here - we pass right down beside Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Soho, Tribeca, the Financial District etc.

The Chelsea piers. 

Golf for fancy people. 

Also some nice things on the New Jersey side

The huge ventilation vents built in the 20s to ventilate the road tunnels that run under the Hudson. 


A large clock on the Jersey shore. 

Ellis Island.

There she is again. Which is okay by me. 

That's a helicopter, not something on your screen. 

Brooklyn Bridge. 

Under Brooklyn.

Going up the East river. 


Our river top abode.

Sunset happening now, so things are all golden.

Bloody Canadian geese. Get out of here. 

One of the staff came out the back and just chucked a mop over the side with a rope. Brilliant. 

C is for Clever me for going on this cruise.

This is the very top of Manhattan now - bit gate thing, plus the huge stretch of water that turns around near Queens to the right.
Moving gate thing!

Home stretch now back towards 42nd Street on the Hudson. 

Washington Bridge. 


Ellie says I should use my teeth more when I smile. 

Okay then. 

Aaaand back from whence we had come.

I hope you enjoyed the boat ride as much as we did.

That's all for NYC, everyone.


I think it's pretty clear what I thought of the place.

See you again soon, shiny city.

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