China - Wahaha THE END Edition






But first, a little more work.

Another sweltering and sweaty Hangzhou day, but sated by the beverages of the Wahaha Group we visited that morning (yes that's actually the company's name). 

It's more a family/kids kind of thing, which means the free products we got were more of the sickly-sweet-creamy-apple-flavoured variety but, free! 

Also bizarre straw contraptions. Starting to think it's an Australian thing to have the hole already in the little drink boxes. 

The meeting was interesting because it was the first and only one we had a translator for, with some of us actually asking questions in Mandarin to they could articulate things better.

Still fancy boardroom things.

They also have like a...Wahaha museum of sorts.

Wahahahahahaha! (this will never not be amusing). 

Went back to the hotel and spent an afternoon with Whitney + Kim. 

Wandering, Hangzhou style. 

Whitney the Chinese Disney princess? 

I'm always interested in seeing where an how other people live - is that creepy? Possibly. These places are just one black away from those lovely tree-lined boulevards - maybe they're not as shabby on the inside? 

Lunch at a pseudo-Westernised confused fancy restaurant place.

Yeaaaaaaah #Engrish

Camera shy. Tsk.

Also amusements because apparently there was a little kid in the booth behind me who kept TOTALLY INCONSPICUOUSLY peeking out behind the screen watching us and just generally being inquisitive and hilarious. 

Happy...things! Just realised I can't remember what they actually are. 

Okay here we go. 

The part you've been waiting for.

How does one cap off a globetrotting study trip with 19 other awesome people and 3 dorward professors?

Much like this.

You know it, old sport. 

George is in the mood.

One last fancy dinner.

With Chester ordering everything again (uh oh)

Fun fact: the lovely lady in blue is Tim's wife.

All the dead animals!

Including BULLFROG. Tastes exactly like a fish and a chicken decided to mash their meat together.

That sounded terrible.


Oh goodness, I didn't mention what we're doing now to celebrate - KARAOKE! 

Loud bus things.

Ultimate Bromance.

Because I never got a pic with Egi. 

We went down to West Lake one last time where there were lots of people, lights, fountain shows and a just great vibe in general.

Calm down Whit.

The Enigmatic Bec.

Bec bought a panda balloon.

Bec is happy.

Our last chance to not die crossing the road -sheds tear-

Extraordinarily fancy karaoke place. Shallow and materialistic me says one of the best things about China is that currencies and economies between our two countries are such that by you going there you automatically go up several socio-economic brackets. 

Bec is REALLY happy. 

Here we go.

I'll try not to be too embarrassing.

Take it away, George + Sam!

Are fuzzy photos automatically less career-damaging? 


On tap (aka. served by Isabella): vodka and green tea. Really nice actually.

Yeaaah Wai Sin!

Time for some Chinese pop classics. 

Fun fact: the same way all American pop is synthesised upbeat crap, the majority of Chinese pop are slow and heartfelt love ballads. Bizarre, but interesting. Go Chester go. 

A photographer's work is never done. 

Werk it Sam.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that starships were meant to fly (motherf**ker).

Sam > Harry.

Possibly my favourite photo of the entire trip. 

Fun fact: Mallory knows every single word to Niggas in Paris. You will never live this down. 


The cool cats.

A few of us continued to a nightclub upstairs. 

Well then.

Extraordinarily cheap vodka and cranberry.

Onstage with a shiny view.

Sam is a local hit.

Et voilĂ . 

'Tis not the time for flowery speeches, so I'd just like to say thank you to everyone. Who helped me get to China, to those I worked with and those who made it fun as hell.

And to everyone else - go to China. Firstly, because it's awesome, and secondly, because it's not called the Asian Century for nothing. This shiz is important. 

Tallulah out.

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