Summer Lovin'

Happy 2014! 

Surprise! It's Summer!

Melbourne has the tendency to be a little on the erratic side with its weather, from unbearable, hallucinatory air-on-fire kind of stuff one week to oh-no-sorry-about-that-it's-early-spring-now 20 degrees the next. 

But when it's nice, it's oh-so-nice.

This post may be helpful for those in alternate hemispheres dealing with an actual, literal ice vortex, so to friends in negative forty degrees Celsius, hahahahahahahahahaaha, my condolences, and have some pool and beach. 

You are most very welcome. 

A good rule of thumb for life is to always have a friend with a pool, and, if you can, also one with a beach house. 

Luckily for me, I have a double smack down winning friend who has both, all in one glorious package of sun, sand and jelly shots. 

This is the sun part: 

With a dash of bromance.

And featuring: the Duckathon.





lol, all my lily white friends.

This is the sand part:

Unfortunately in Western Port Bay (i.e not the open ocean) so no waves or surfing, but this beach makes up for it with a pontoon from which to dive and pretend the surrounding dolphins are sharks, as well as a game of Kubb, which is kind of like a mix between bowling and pool, with wooden projectiles.

One shows one's prowess by throwing sticks at little wooden pillars until they fall down under the pressure of your intimidation (this was my only option at least because very few of my sticks went anywhere near the frakking pillars). I have played this game before, and I swear I wasn't so utter shit at it. Moving on.

A surprise Gale appears!

Team spirit.

In actual fact, the game went on so long we kinda just tag-teamed it, joining and leaving until someone, someone got the upper hand.
(My team won quite a while after I left, likely because they needed some time to regain some ground after the mess I made).

This would be the sea part. Water was lurrvely.

The master at work.

Smart arse.

Quick you must be, to master the photobomb.


Polkadot Queen.

The adorkable hat club.

Hmph. She's a sport teacher, she doesn't count.

Another option is to faceplant the sand. With a good book, or some equally-good company.

At night things certainly happen, but in order to preserve both dignities and career prospects, there are just a couple to share...

No really, I promise...

Well, that's no fun. 

The Law of Emmo states that every photo taken with Emmo shall be nice. It is law.

I wouldn't, but Ellie is eating, so I had to. #tradition

Love, from Australia.

One last thing - happy new year! This one promises to be exciting, as I finally, finally, after over sixteen years, leave behind my education and start actually doing shit in the real world.

Ugh, being an adult, ugh. 

But keep an eye on this space - going to share some stuff that may fit the bill of "going places" more metaphorically, plus exciting things happening in July I can't wait to share.

Until next time...

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