Bali - Actual Relaxing Edition

In between all the rafting, beach-hopping, hiking, elephant riding, and water sliding, one should probably engage in actual relaxation during one's tropical holiday. 

This is that day.

This really is all we aimed for.

The morning was spent getting about THREE HOURS' worth of pampering at a salon because it costs about an eighth of what it does in Australia so we milked that shit for all it's worth. 

Found a place just down the alley.

Funny little street behind the main street with EVEN MORE shops and things.

Deep relaxation massages ahoy.

Like that.

As mentioned before, unfortunately my experience with massages is more like this - 

BUT there was a flower bath at the end of it and that I dealt with okay.

Anyway - LUNCH TIME. 

We were told by various taxi drivers, guards, maids and people on the street that we had to try this local babi guling place down the road - Balinese roast pork.

It's a little shack on the side of the main road - only open for lunch and when it is it's always packed. 

Some interesting headwear of other punters in line...

Ordering and getting was chaotic as hell but for about $3 you got a pile of rice and bits of pork, crackling and spices. 

Pretty good, but because even the 'mild' version was pretty hot, laughing forever at Jonno' s red-faced chilli rage. 

Overall it was a day of interesting food - went to another beach-side restaurant for dinner (sigh), at the recommendation of the Aussie bloke who owned our villa complex. 

Turns out the Aussie bloke who owned our villa complex had a terrible taste in food, but drinks and friends on a beach during sunset again so no complaining from me. 

Making new friends. 

A hell of a lot of dogs around these beaches actually - Australian influence? 

Gale's wine was doing its best interpretation of cat piss. 

Even questionable food does the job.

Best thing was that I saw Egi again!

My Indonesian friend form my China trip happened to be visiting Bali at the same time, and he came along to say hi and spend some time with us. 


Because Egi is fabulous he get along well with everyone and we found a shiny bar to wrap up our excellent day of relaxing. 

With pizza, obs. 

Bali bars = marquees. 

Maybe a little sunburned kissed at this juncture. 

-relaxed sigh-

Until next time...

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