Bali - Waterbom + Potatoes Edition

Another blissful Bali morning, another excellent Dayu breakfast, proving that there is in fact nothing this magical lady cannot do.

And by magic I mean nasi goreng for breakfast.


More Gale being excited about things.

Today we visit Waterbom Park - a rather famous and serious world class water adventure park, or what shall be henceforth be called "Wedgie Land". 

Seminyak blockage for taxi negotiation.

I know Bali is a really random place for an adventure park - better apparently than even the ones on the Gold Coast - but there it is. I suppose it's good to remember that mainly Australians come here and waterslides are kind of our favourite thing.


Mascot! With free hugs. Maybe a little creepy. 

The entire park ran on a cash-less system; you load money onto a waterproof wristband, leave everything in the locker and swipe the band to pay for things. Rather shiny.

Unfortunately it meant that I have no photos for the day. 

Besides these. Just outside the locker room. 

But because the rides are too good to simply past by, here is a small collection of photos to demonstrate the kind of thing we faced:

Yessssss I am so here for this.
This one was great because you got entertainment while you queued up in the form of watching all the people go underneath you - some of whom (big aussie blokes) went reaaaally high up that vertical bit at the back there, and airborne on the way down, to the joyful "OOOOOOOH" of the crowd.
Ahhh, wedgie central. That one on the far left is more or less at 180 degree drop. And in the middle were perfect racing slides - could easily spend all day just on that one ride racing each other off (I won. It's all about the start and the finish).
Finally - this one is called the CLIMAX. Shout out to Gale for conquering this bastard - an actual 180 drop from an ejector shuttle that counts down to your at-the-time certain death  - it's a loop de loop. A LOOP DE LOOP. A WATER SLIDE. THAT IS A LOOP DE LOOP. DO YOU UNDERSTAND. Unfortunately (??) you go so fast and there's so much water in your face and your wedgie is so pronounced you don't even realise that you've gone UPHILL in a water slide before you're at the end trying to strategically conspicuously pick your pants out of your arse. 
Special mention to the time Gale, Bowd and I got our butts stuck on the bottom of a tube ride and had to kind of crab bum shuffle our way down the tunnel. And by special mention, I really mean the look of sheer undiluted panic that went across Gale's face, which was hilarious. In retrospect.

Plus a cheesy souvenir.

That golden-sun drenched evening (life is hard okay), we had our butts booked into a rather swish beach club resort called Potatohead. 

The entrance looked rather secretive and shiny - all the more impressive when you walked into this - 


Lounging on the day beds and armed with a frighteningly good array of cocktails (including what I have dubbed the best I've ever had - some kind of excellent vanilla and passionfruit conconction with a gingerbeer and rum chaser it was two drinks in one), we watched the sun go down.


Plus an excellent dinner.

May have gotten a bit silly. 'Tis the season.

Point being, Potatohead was...potatogreat. 

Pretend that was a good pun.

Until next time, potato lovers.

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