Bali - White Water Rafting It Up Edition

Are you ready for an adventure?

If so, you're in luck!

If not so, you're in luck! Because you're going on one anyway.


This time 'round we're heading deep into the Balinese jungle to go white water rafting. 

But first: banana pancakes.
Via more Dayu magic. 

Fun fact: the bananas (and mangoes) here taste completely different. There's clearly something in the humid air because it's not like they're sweeter or richer - it's an actual different taste. Like another layer of fruity deliciousness. 

Alam is the company that took us out. Led by a group of highly enthusiastic and athletic young Balinese gentlemen, they also have some #Engrish issues.

Out driver took us in the middle of a rice paddy valley, a very lovely place. #inadvertentrhyme 

There was an option to get down to the river via a FLYING FOX but it cost extra monies and hmm and hrrrng. Regret, but not too much. 


Hey puddy. 

No touchy because not sure if rabies or not. 

Hope we booked the right kind of adventure...?

Even if no flying fox, the walk down to the river was a good one. 

Prepared for the Front.

We waited a while. These guys gave zero shits about Western constructs of time, efficiency or customer service.

The entire thing was really fun.

Like, hella fun. 

Between getting very wet, battling surprisingly strong rapids, crashing violently up against and tipping over rock cliffs, having our guide Bob tipping water down our backs, falling on each other, getting caught in the middle of an epic bogan water fight, enduring dirty Balinese jokes, spending several hours sailing through glorious jungle ravines, gleefully purposely ramming complete strangers, chatting with French tourists and dunking local kids who jumped into our boat, it's definitely a thing that must be done when in this part of the world.

Obviously I couldn't have my camera on me (though it went in a shiny wrap up waterproof pouchy thing), BUT the rafting people took the (very non literal) plunge and got people up on rocks in the middle of the white water to take some action shots.



Break time (my camera again, sadface). 

Crew of the other boat.

Stopped here for another break - pretty mad our guide bypassed all these lush valleys and spectacular waterfalls to come here, but what can you do. 

Then they took us off a cliff.

I'm not joking.

Lunch time. Hey Bob.

Buffet lunch included #winwinwin

Okay this is just weird now.

It was at this point I tripped into a rice paddy.......

Bye, Bob!
Had a bit of a chat with Bob as he led me up to my bus (being photographer means you get left behind a bit). He was saying how difficult it is to live in Bali with the high cost of living and the piddly money they make - highlighting again the really stupidawful poverty divide in this country. Australians come here to be treated like kings and queens literally right next to people who guide our elephants for us for $3/day (yes that's what elephant safari employees are paid, he told us). 

The worst - well, the worst moment about this conversation for me - was that I didn't really know what to say to any of this. What can you say?

Chin up, man. 
Can't be that bad.
More to life than money!
Keep working hard!
Maybe go back to school?
Come live in Australia! (LOL)

Like, honestly. 

Wished him the best, and moved on.

Same with these gents. 

And to you!
Until next adventure...

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