A Weekend at Kaidam's.

So somehow after a month we managed to get friends who are so amazing they let us stay in their apartment while they went to the US of A for the weekend.

We must just have those kinds of faces or something.

Anyway, time to properly meet Kaisa and Adam:

Henceforth known as Kaidam because I've given them a couple's name because it had to be done.

She's Finnish and he's American. This is what we found on their fridge:

brb, sobbing.

The main point of interest in being able to get out of bloody res for a couple of days and go into an actual dwelling where normal people live normally, is that it has



Look at that wondrous specimen of kitchenny goodness.

Which means, ladies and gentlemen, 



The entire idea was a bit emotional.

Am seriously not exaggerating.

So, just in case you were lost, this has temporarily turned into a food blog.

Night 1: Spaghetti Bolognese (bog). 

Putting that wondrous kitchen to good use.
 Fun fact: Mary cannot cook!

I gave her a mushroom and she had no idea what to do with it. In fact, she squealed like a baby girl when the stalk popped off. Scary, scary mushroom.

Mary learns.



And voilà the finished product...PASTA.


So, so good. 
Mazza thought so too.

That tub there is 'parmesan cheese'. Unfortunately, it appears North America doesn't have cheese, it's either fluorescent yellow stuff or this, pretending to be cheese, but is actually just sawdust.


Next: how Mary has her hair when she goes to bed. Hahahaha, what.

"Haha it's oompa looma-like. I'm gonna make fun of her." - Elisa, upon viewing this photo.

An area called 'Cabbage Town' is just a small walk down the road, with shiny and interesting hipster-type shops and cafés.

Also pretty Autumn things.

Find café, will have tea. And coffee.

Interesting menus.

Night 2: minestrone soup. My version. Mazza is a fan of soup.

Served with a light sprinkling of sawdust.

Then there were guests, including Mary's friend friend from Buffalo, Savannah, who is amaze, and Isaac, Elisa's cher all the way from MÉXICO!!


Night 3: jambalaya. Which is basically paella.

We decided to go all the hell out with chorizo, prawns and everything.

Also so, so good.

Passing time.

More passing time. Believe me you want to watch this. Get to it quickly before Mary tracks you all down and eliminates you.

You're welcome and goodnight.