Tales from an iPhone.

If a picture says a thousand words, my iPhone is a library.

Sometimes I don't have my much-revered camera with me, or it's too slow to capture a spontaneous moment. But most of the time I'm way too lazy to be bothered taking it out and turning it on and setting it up etc etc, let's be honest. 

So, this is a collection of less-than-standard-quality pictures and things, from the very beginning of my time here up 'til, like, yesterday. In no particular order. 

I'll explain as we go.


Yes, you. Don't look at me like that. Come on.

This is very early on. Spain is explaining some things.
Some rather shocking things. In Spain, la gente esta muy loca. 

This is Lunik café, in the basement of the manor. For those playing at home, it's exactly Glendon's version of Wholefoods. But a bit less dodgy, and more of a nice place to be. 
Reasons Lunik is better than Wholefoods: this. It was a dinner celebrating the harvest; i.e. most of this came from their garden, it's all completely vegan and it was utterly spectacular. Some kind of phenomenal pasta, maple roasted squash, salad with many greens, pear, and like 3 different types of tomato, wild rice and kale curry...BITE ME, CAFETERIA. 

Kinda wanted to ask for butter with the corn, but, y'know... 

Things than happen when French study pisses me off. Try saying that 5 times fast - haha geddit, 5 times, hahahahahaha I hate this. 

The first really, really miserable day. Winter is coming.

GOOOOOOOOD MORNI-hmph, zzzzzzzzzzz.

A quiet mid week dinner. 
Andrew doing Andrew-y things.
The Eaton Centre

The final place for a random mid week dinner when we can't quite stomach the caf (which is often). It was called cafe, or something. It was kind of like the cafeteria actually, but a restaurant...set up like a market place, with separate 'stalls' selling just salad, eggs, burgers, pasta... was very interesting, and quite tasty.

I received this in the middle of class. It was a situation.

Bloody hell of a situation.

Random moment in the still-semi-under-construction "Welcome Centre" or as I like to call it, 'the new bit'. 

Teaching Swiss friend English tongue twisters in translation and vice versa with French (because translation, while subject itself is awesome, classes can be v boring). 

Took this photo in French class for two reasons: 1) awesome boots 2) her look of disdainful pity which one automatically assumes when dealing with the class clown.

Show off trees.

The research report I read about marketing, with statistics, all in French. Hmmm. 

More Andrew situation normal.

A lovely friend of a friend drove us places instead of leaving us to our own devices on the TTC - so strange to be in a car, being on the freeways instead of...walking underneath them. 

A random bar. We liked this one. I thought it was rather Melbourne-y. 

I...I don't know what that means.

My fully functioning, efficient diary.

Another kind of midweek dinner. Filling ALL the college clichés. 

There's a room where we have our Model UN meetings that's set up to look exactly like a mini version of the Canadian Senate. I think. Something official like that anyway. Either way, it's ver awesome.

Manor staircase.

Completely innocent non-trolly, helpful suggestions to build house spirit. 

The library at night.

Autumn starting to rock up. 

I don't know what this is. It's an inside joke with his sister or something. Anyway Andrew, here's the photo.

Fanny's birthday! About a week after mine.

France eating wings with 'suicide sauce'. It was kinda like a mildly hotter sweet chilli sauce, but you wouldn't know it from all the flailing and tears. Oh, France. 

Dogs in shops! There was one in a bank, too. How very cosmopolitan. 

A girl in my hallway has this on her door and every day is something new. Geeks unite. 

A puppy just chillin'.

This is what happens when you don't entertain him for long enough. Sigh.

A scarf moment.

Strike a pose.

Geese flying in the Eaton Centre...yeah...the geese...definitely the most awesome part of this photo...for sure...
It's trimmin' time.

Very very straight. 

Mary being silly.

Andrew waiting.

And waiting; this is what we call "Mary's Death Glare".

Marketing major moment: these are the absolute most confusing ads I have ever seen. Is it an anti-gambling ad using the metaphor of a condom, for a safe sex ad using the metaphor of gambling? After much consideration, I thought the latter, but in the corner it says it's sponsored by 'Safe Gambling Canada' or something, so colour me confuzzled.

Last, but certainly not least:

Homesick Andrew. 

Return later for some more wackiness and hijinks...


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